When Darren Criss Met Danielle

Danielle Forgione/Elle – Long wavy light brown hair, with dark brown highlights, usually messy/sexy look with curtains, quite olive (Italian) green/grey eyes, usually wears large square framed glasses, lightly, natural wearing make-up. Quite petite, size 8/10, height 5”5. Lives in the city of Manchester with her two aunts. Attended Manchester Metropolitan University. DOB – 24th December 1986.

Chapter 1

Moving to San Fran

by: kinjjj
I was about to board the plane journey that would evidently change my life forever, after debating whether to move to San Francisco, it was decided, I needed a new life, a new change. I had spent a good few days packing all the essentials that I needed, everything that would never let me forget my life in England. I was moving mainly because my life in the little town of Bolton was going nowhere, I was stuck in a dead-end job, and it was as if my qualification meant nothing these days. It wasn’t like I was a stranger, I had been to San Francisco many times, my sister, Nina had been living there for a good few years, which I was grateful for, she had been raising me since I was the age of 7, later leaving me her new found lover and husband, Harry. She was like a motherly figure, my favourite person in the whole world and ss she had very kindly let me stay with her, I had new dreams in the city of San Fran! San Fran loved how the sound flowed so easily off my tongue.
According to my sister and from previous experiences, San Fran is known for its cold winter season, so I decided on a outfit of an Abercrombie jacket with some Christmas pattern leggings and Uggs for my plane journey, I always needed to be precise on clothing whenever I go out in public.
Unfortunately, I get way too fidgety on planes, I just can’t wait to get off, and I have horrible plane sickness, just generally having a phobia of flying, why did England have to be so far away from America? I did however talk to some nice people though, that did everything they could to help calm me, it was nice to know how friendly the people from San Fran where.
After a few hours of sleep, I had finally reached my dream destination; I got my entire luggage and made my way out of the airport. It was quite late at night; it always looked so beautiful at this time of the year though, snow everywhere, Christmas lights glistening, sky clearer that a summer day sky. It was simply gorgeous. While getting distracted by all the sights, I felt somebody tap me on the shoulder. Slowly turning round I turned to see who it was.
“Elle, you should take more care of your luggage you know.” Nina said while smiling taking the bag out of my hand. Wow, she hadn’t changed at all since I had last seen her, I was glad her accent hadn’t changed, she was always so very pretty and well dressed, she was wearing a very cute dress that was peter pan collared complimented with some stilettos’. I remember once being very jealous of her looks. Beside her was Harry, a handsome, dapper looking man, he was very well dressed as well, a nice 3 piece suit, skinny tie and converse which made me giggle, never thought I could find someone who could pull off a three piece as good as Bradley Cooper. They looked so good together, I was so happy for Nina.
Harry took the rest of my luggage into the boot of his Range Rover, while I made my way into the back seat, and having only slept a few hours I was extremely tired, I could feel myself curling up, legs stretched, and slowly drifting into a deep sleep.

Danielle’s Plane Outfit - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41197166
Nina’s Outfit - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41198457
Harry’s Outfit - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41199356

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