Please Read if You Ever Liked My Stories!


Chapter 1

About the New Account...

So! The creation of my new account is under way.

I'll be keeping AlphaWolf211, because after a few... Developments last year, it would really suck if I deleted this account, only to have it bite me in the ---


I'm going to make a pole, asking what stories you guys would like me to transfer to the new account. I wont be posting on here anymore, so if you miss me posting at all, thats where to go.

I'm gonna warn you now, though, I'd really prefer you were 14+ if you read a lot of what I've been writing lately. Obviously I can't post the worst of it on here, seeing as it's a more child-oriented site, but I may link you all to my DeviantArt page to read my more adult works ;)

There is a lot of homo-erotic stuff, so if you have an issue with that, then I suggest you don't read my newer stuff.

There'll be a lot of Yaoi fanfiction, based off of Wolf's Rain, Death Note, and Kingdom Hearts.

My Dreamcatcher story is being continued, I swear, I just haven't posted an actual story in ages!

Little Red is still in the works.

And there's a few surprises relating to your guy's old favorite. If you remember. Try to guess ;)

The username is going to be WylderWolf, and I'll link you all to it once it's up!

Look forward to it, my pretties!


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