Pink Sunglasses (Remus Lupin love story)

Name: June Banks
Age: 15/16
Friends: Sev, Cissy, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Ellie, Esther, Matty
Birthday: 23rd November
Family: Unknown
Has long blonde hair sometimes straight sometimes not. Sky Blue eyes, and wore glasses most of the time.

If you want a character just write out the same details in the comments!!

Chapter 1

The Tree

"Honest Mummy! The tree does watch me and the kitty does talk!! Honest!"
"Really what does it say?"
"It says run, danger, get away!! RUN!"
"Well I think sweetie..." Crash!!

I woke with a start, sweat was dripping down my face when I started to silently sob. Sev heard me, unlike most people.
"Hey Juney it will be ok"
"Thhhannks sev"
"Which one was it?"
"The tree, the one where....the past is a retard Sev"
"I know, Calm down"
"Oh why does this happen to me!"
"Your cursed!"
"Well thank Sevy!"
"Only joking remeber your going to Lilys today. So try to look pretty and get sorted. See ya later June."
"Thanks Sev." It was seven two day before I went back to Hogwarts for my fifth year with all my friends. Me, Lily, Ellie and Esther had visited diagon alley last week to get all our stuff, we saw the marauders. I was made a prefect along with Lily because Dumbledor thought we were responsible enough. We didn't know who the boy was. The sun was shining outside and I decided to get dressed and have breakfast. (Junes outfit: I looked out my window and saw.. four head peaking out the tree.
"What cha looking at?" I yelled out the window. They didn't answer. I went down stairs.
"May can I eat my breakfast outside?"
"Yes you may June would you like a pinic mat?"
"that would be very helpful as with my waffles!" I took the mat and the waffles. I also had my skecth pad I was going to draw something. I didn't know what I would just know when I saw it. I saw the four heads again. I had an idea.
"Hmm I don't want this last waffle but no ones around to have it! Oh well I'll give it to Benji."
"NNOOOOOOOO" Said a boy running ou the trees. It was Sirius, followed him was Remus, James and finally Peter. I shoved the waffle into my mouth.
"so whaft youve ghuys doivin im mvy garden?" I said finishing my waffle.
"Aww I thought you were going to give it to me!" Sirius pouted.
"Nah I love waffles to much."
"Well Remy here wanted to.." then two hands clamped over his mouth.
"Sourisly(sp) Sirius you don't know how to keep a secret!" Said James. I was laughing so much when I saw Remus' face turn bright red.
"Don't worry nice to know that I have admirers!" I said winking at Rem. He turned red agian.
"Do you guys want to come see Lily with me?" I asked after a silence.
"Yeah when we going?" Said James.
"Now if you like, I need to go get my pink sunglasses so wait in the house and do not and I repet my self do not harm Sev in any way or you will not see the Hogwarts express in two days! You get me?"
I got three yes miss's and one
"Pink Sunglasses?"
"Well Rem me and Lily have this thing, we went to the beach togther in June on her birthday and we got matching sunglasses hers blue mine pink, there was no red!So whenever we've saw each other we wear them."

I ran up the stairs and got my sunglasses. "See ya later Sev I'm going now I'll be back with Lily round 5?"
"Ok I'll see you later."

I got down stair to see the boys eating MY cake I was going to give to Lily.
"Fat Pigs that was going to be Lily's!!"
"Opps!" They said in unision.
"Your weird ya know that?"
"Just like you, Lily, Ellie and Esther." Said Rem
"Thats why you love us" Sirius interjected.
"Yeah, yeah we've got to go and pick up Matty, he got green."
"Wait Lily invites some Ravenclaw but not her beloved Sirius."
"That will be the day!" I heard Remus whispher.
I got bored of walking so I yelled RACE! I got to Mattys first closely followed by Remus, the others had gotton lost.
"Ok right be nice! Moony or I'll have to get you!"
"Yeah, yeah!"
I knocked on the door three times. "June how many times have I told you to just walk in!"
"Sorry Mrs.Johnston"
"Sorry Hayley is Matty ready?"
"Yes I am" He said coming down the stairs.
"Lets go then!"
We found the other boys and went to Lilys.
"LILY YOUR FREAK FRIENDS ARE HERE!!" Petuina yelled up the stairs.
"Thanks Petuina!These are me and Lily's friend James, Sirius, Remus and Peter."
"Yeah, Yeah Banks shes up there go!"
"Charming" I heard James whisper.
"Wait what is it oh oh a pony no chocolate no a chocolate covered pony!"
"Oh dear well you won't like this!"
The 5 boys burst in to her room.
"Crrap Your right its terrible!"
"Come om lets go out!!" We went down to the beach near Lily's house, Me and Lily were the head turners round here. We had a amazing day at the beach. We had to say goodbye to the boys at four so we could get back to the house in time.
"No watching me tomorrow as Lily will be sleeping over Bye!"
"They were watching you?"
"Yeah woke up this morning and four boys heads were looking at me through my window!"
We chatted all the way home. When we got there me, Lily and Sev had a movie marathon in our room it had a TV in so we were allowed aslong we didn't make to much noise. Lily and Sev were asleep when I went out to my balconey. I heard a wolf howl in the distance like I do at Hogwarts. I decided to go back to sleep, I dreamt of wolfs,full moons and amber eyes.

Hoped you liked the first chapter of maurader story
Hugs and lighting bug Emma xxx By the way the picture is actually a picture of me and my friends Ellie and Esther. Esther's the auburn one, Ellies the small one with blonde hair and I'm in the middle!!

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