I Want~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Hey! This one is exactly based on me, my family and friends. Although I'm not that pretty. ENJOY!

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
Name: Bailey Reece
Age: 15
DOB: 3 June 1995
Hair: Medium length chocolate brown
Eyes: Almost black
Skin: Slightly tan
Personality: Charming, lovable, cheeky, funny, demanding, stubborn, obsessive
Extra: A lot of people say she's beautiful but she diagrees, she can be very obsessive but not stalker.
(Actually is stunningly beautiful)

I woke up on a particularly sunny day. It was a chnaged to the usual cold weather, even though it was summer. I was finally finished my ninth year of school and I was going to move schools. Actually, move countries. Mum and Dad got a prootion so I was now moving with them to England. I was kinda happy to be moving on, thouhg I will miss my one best friend. I quickly got out of bed and changed into my bikini with shorts over it and a crochet top. I put on my hat nd ran down stairs. Everyone was already up.
"Morning!" I grinned.
"You're awfully happy today." My sister moaned.
My sister Remi was not very happy about moving. Even though she knew people there she didn't want to.
"So?" I shrugged.
I ran outside and met my Nan and Aunty. Great Aunty actually.
"Morning Nanny, Aunty Dottie!" I smiled.
They smiled politly. My Aunty Dot was visiting from South Australia this summer. I sat across from them at the table and at that moment my Dad came around the corner and Remi came out. She shot a glance at the newspaper in Dad's hand and leaped at it. She snatched it from his grip and hid it behind her back.
"Remi!" Dad scolded.
"It's for our own good." She muttered, keeping a weary eye on me.
I looked skeptically at the showing corner of paper.
"What is it?" I asked.
She shook her head. Dad snatched the paper back and held it above his head.
"DAD! No, don't let Bailey see it!" She demanded.
I went over to Dad and put my hand out.
"Please Daddy?" I asked.
He handed it over, giving Remi and shameful look. Remi howled as if in pain.
"Noooooooooooooo! Do you know what you just did!?" She cried.
I opened the paper and stared at the front page.
"MUUUUUUUUUUUUUM! One direction signing! I NEED TO GO!" I shouted.
Mum ran out from the kitchen and examined the paper.
"Well, I'd like for you to go but uness you can call a friend I'm afraid you'll miss out." She said.
At that moment the phone rang. I ran in to get it. Another part of my OCD, I always answered the phone.
"Hello." I said.
"BAILEY! Did you see it!?" Kate's voice echoed in my ear.
"Oh my gosh! YES! You have to come with me!" I gasped.
"My um already agreed to go with you!" She stated.
"Mum!?" I called, holding the phone away.
"You can go sweetie." Mum replied.
I put my ear back on the phone.
"YES!!!!!!!!!!!" I said with MUCH enthusiasm.
We talked for hours about our outfit, time and the in general. We agreed to meet the night before to have a beauty day. I am so excited. Though I promise myself I will not be creepy stalker fan. I may love them but I'm not going to be creepy. :]


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