Get Back Up (Starkid of course!)

Yeah I know..I've been doing alot of Starkid ones,and not HP,or Hunger Games.Well,I love starkid.Not any more or less that HP or HG,but just like 1 percent more,because their well..TOTALLY AWESOME!!
But i think this my best idea yet..

Chapter 1

Hey.How ya doing?

Liam's got a phone call
My eyes shot open,and I pushed my glasses on.
"Who could It be?Which one of my buds is calling for me?"I sang along.
"SHUT UP!!"My roommate yelled.I scoffed,and answered.
"Yo."The voice of Joe Walker filled my ears.
"Hello."I said.
"How ya doing?"He asked.
"Pretty swell.How about you?"I asked.
"Fun.Hey,so we're in the theatre,and we just came up with the best play idea ever."He said.
Ladies and Gentleman,my best friend...Joe Walker.
"And it is?"I asked.
"A Very Potter Musical.Darren thought of the title!We just put up signs around school,and we're going to start making the music.We have the idea already,and Matt Nick and Brian are writing the script."Joe said.
"And you need a coreographer?"I asked.I had been in UMich,because of Joe.He told me I should become a pro dancer.And that is what I'm doing.Because I'm amazing at it.
"Fine.I'll be there in ten."I said.
"59.."He started laughing.I hung up,and started getting ready.I put on a Sun Drop t-shirt,and some sweatpants.
I put my phone in my pocket,and walked to the theatre.I put my hair,in a pony tail,when i got up on stage.
"Walker?"I asked.He came,and picked me up.He put me over his shoulder,and marched around.
"Walker!"Darren said.
"What?"He asked.
"Who's that?"Darren asked.
"It's me!"I said.
"Oh..I thought it was a hot girl."Darren said,and walked away.
"I feel so loved!"I said.
"I know,right?!"Darren yelled.
"So,do you have any songs yet?"I asked,when he put me down.
"No.So,come up with some coreography."He said.I looked at him.
"Your seriously that stupid?I can't make dance moves without music."I said.I did the running man,as I said that.
"Your such a good dancer."He said.
"Thanks."I said.The door opened.A tall guy came in.
"Um..Hi.I'm here to audition for the A very potter musical."He said.
"Well,Hi!"Walker said.
"Hi."He said.
"What's your name?"I asked.
"Jim Povolo.I'm one of Darren's friends.I was in Little White Lie."He said.
"Oh,yeah!Jim,I'm Joe Walker and this is-"
"I can introduce myself thanks.I'm Karmel.Yes,I am named after Carmel...But I go by Kami."I said.
"That's a fun name.You get carmel chocolate alot?"He asked,as he came up on the stage.He sat down in our small circle.
"Yes,I do as a matter of fact."I said.
Another bunch of people came in.They joined our circle.
"Who are you?"I asked.
"Lauren,was also in LWL."The short one said.
"I'm Brian Rosenthal.I like squirrels."He said.
"Tyler Brunsman."He said.
"Sango,and my friend Devin."She said.
"Joey Richter.I have a crooked jaw."He said.
"I've noticed.This is Jim,and Joe Walker.But,he goes by Walker."I said.
"That's Karmel.She is named after Carmel...But she goes by Kami."Walker said.We high fived.
"Nice."Sango said,and they sat in our circle.I grabbed a pad of paper.
"Jim,who do you wanna play?"I asked.I handed him the spots open paper.
Darren was going to be Harry.That was already settled.
"I'll try out for Goyle."He said.
"Cool.Anyone else,for Goyle?"I asked.
"No.So,how's this going to work?"Rosenthal asked.
"Well,if someone wants a part,and no one else wants it they get it.Someone does,they audition.We barely have enough people,as it is,so yeah."I said.
"Cool."Tyler said.It went around the circle.More people came in at sat down.
"Hello!That's Jim,Tyler,Rosenthal,Devin,Sango,Walker,Lauren and I'm Kami.Who are you?"I asked.
"AJ holmes.I wanna be your piano player."He said.
"You got it.Go practice,with Darren.Darren!"I called.
"Did someone say Darren?"He asked,coming in.
"Meet AJ,our piano player.Go piano play with him."I said.
"I'm Julia.Can I be Crabbe?"She asked.
"You got it.Hey,Brittney."I said.
"Hey.Can I be Bellatrix?"She asked.No one spoke up,so she got it.
"What's your name?"I asked.
"Joe Moses,auditioning for the role of Snape."He said in a weird voice.
"Nice voice...You got it Joe.That's our other Joe,so what about JoMo?Does that work?"I asked.
"I like it."He said.
"Dylan Saunders.Dumbledore."Dylan said.
"Nice.You got it,Dumby."I said.
Everyone sat in a circle.Nick,Matt and Holden came in.
"Ah,meet our writers.Matt and Nick Lang,and Brian Holden.that is our other brian,who goes by Holden."I said.Everyone knew eachothers names now.
"Cool.So,what are you going to do?"AJ asked.
"I'm your coreographer.And your costume designer."I said.
"Nice."Tyler said.
"I know.So,i had an idea for Draco."I said.
"And it is?"Lauren asked.
"What if He rolled on the floor?"

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