Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 3

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Chapter 1

water that runs red...

......and Draco seized my shirt front pulling me close to him and his lips found mine.the desire and flame that kindled in my heart sent a jolt through me.I pulled away and noticed the dementor backing patronus stalking and snarling at it as it retreated.
there was no time to waste. Draco grabbed me by the arm and pulled me through the trees.I flicked my wand and the silvery wolf darted after us keeping the dementor at stopped at the tree line but we didn't stop until we were safely in the castle.
I leaned against the wall my side aching."how did you know kissing me would make me happy?"I asked.he smirked even in a situation like this."because that night when i kissed you,you didn't pull away or look disappointed you looked like you waned more."he said.
my breath caught.I did want more.but I shook the thought away. Draco wasn't right for me.he never would be.but I couldn't hide that flicker of doubt in the back of my mind that he was right for me in every way.

a grandfather clock in the long corridor struck midnight. Draco grabbed my hand and said"lets go before anyone notices were gone"he said and we headed upstairs.


the morning was cold and dim from the rain last night.I headed down alone to hagrids for class.I had skipped breakfast and now regretted stomach was continually wracked by hunger pains.I just needed some time alone to think about Draco and where my life was heading.
now it seemed going to this school was a great idea and Draco was something even better in it but I still was unsure of how I felt about him.
yes the way his touch sent shivers down my spine meant something but was that lust or love?
I didn't notice I had went the wrong way till was in a open corridor alone.the wind rushed in through the windows chilling me to where I pulled my scarf tighter around me.
I walked past a bathroom I am guessing and the sounds of someone sobbing entered my sounded awfully familiar like Draco but I knew he wouldn't cry and I never heard him either.I dared not go in.I just stood frozen.footsteps down the hallway caught my attention and I ducked behind a wall my heart pounding.
I peeked around the side only to see harry dissapear into the bathroom.I followed him in before the door closed and stepped against the wall concealing myself.
I heard Draco's voice and then harry's.the sound of a spell firing off and the sounds of the two fighting.
I stood stock still then there was silence except for the sound of Draco, choking? panicked that harry had seriously hurt him I ran into the center of the bathroom.the water on the floor came to my ankles and Draco lay there his shirt stained with blood and a puddle mixing with the water around him.his eyes caught mine and I turned enraged at harry.
he looked at me as if he first noticed I was here."harry how could you!"I yelled.he stared back down at Draco blankly.
footsteps down the hall sounded and Snape entered.he cast a look at me and harry and turned to Draco whispering something under his breath as he moved his wand over Draco.
harry grabbed my arms and literally had to drag me out screaming.I truly hated him.when we were a good distance away he let me go.

**********************Draco's P.O.V

Anastasia's reaction was horrifying.she stared at me in pain and then blazing with anger turned to potter.that moment had shown her how much I want her but cant have her.she'll just get hurt being around me and I just cant bear to see it.

****************** Anastasia's P.O.V

I ran.I ran from all my worries.straight out onto the school grounds.I didn't stop till I was as far away as I thought best.I collapsed breathing hard on the compact dirt.I started to cry.i couldn't help it.the tears just started to pour forth.
I didn't understand the feud between Draco and harry.I mean I had heard some stuff from the others but it still didn't cover everything.and I was beating myself up over the fact that seeing Draco hurt was like reliving my parents death.


I sat there for the whole day until the moon rose high and mighty in the eyes were rimmed with red and I felt empty and lifeless.I headed straight to my the common room Draco was sitting on the couch alone.the fire crackled in the fireplace and I walked over to him.
his eyes were haunted and soon as he saw me his face hardened."good night knight"he said coldly and stood heading for his dorm.
I reached out my hand to him but he walking away already leaving it in the air as if it was a symbol of hopelessness.
almost the same hopelessness I felt when the dementor was upon us.but I had a feeling this time Draco wouldn't me there to kiss me and help me through it.....TBC


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