On the Care of Magical Creatures NEWT scores

Think of this as a class review of what happened on the exam and why you made the mistakes you made. :P

I figured those of you who took the quiz were probably wondering where you went wrong. Hope this helps you guys.

Chapter 1

Today's lesson is more of a review

Well, I must say I'm a little disappointed. There were a grand total of two questions everyone got right. So, let's review.

A garden gnome is a common garden pest.
I'm glad to say you all remembered this one. No need to say much on this subject.

The Kappa is commonly found in Japan.
The majority of you answered either Scotland or Egypt. While Professor Snape claims that it is mostly found in Mongolia, that is not true. It is in fact Japanese.

Phoenix tears have healing powers.
Again, you all got this one correct. No need to explain further.

Lethifolds are only known to be repelled by the Patronus Charm.
Pretty straight forward, but more information on the Lethifold can be found at:

Bowtruckles mainly eat woodlice, though they eat fairy eggs when they can get them.
Hermione Granger answers this question for Professor Grubbly-Plank in her fifth year. Surely you'll all be able to remember that later?

There are ten pure-breeds of dragon.
The amount of people who got this wrong would have Charlie weeping. The breeds are:
-Antipodean Opaleye
-Chinese Fireball
-Common Welsh Green
-Hebridean Black
-Hungarian Horntail
-Norwegian Ridgeback
-Peruvian Vipertooth
-Romanian Longhorn
-Swedish Short-Snout
-Ukrainian Ironbelly

The griffin originated in Greece.
I am appalled at how many people thought the griffin came from Romania. That's the vampire, folks.

The knarl, kneazle, and jarvey are commonly mistaken for non-magical creatures.
The knarl closely resembles a hedgehog, the kneazle looks like a cat, and the jarvey resembles an overgrown ferret, when it can stop talking.

Acromantulas are in fact giant spiders capable of speech.
Don't believe me? Ask Hagrid about Aragog.

The augrey was often blamed for death.
However, it's song signaled rain. Some of you seem to have been confused about that.

And finally,
Basilisks were formed by hatching a chicken egg under a toad.
Remember when the Chamber of Secrets was opened? What was on that page Hermione ripped from the library book?

That's all. Hopefully, you'll understand your mistakes, now. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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