Taking A Leap (A Quileute Werewolf Love Story)

This is the story of two twins. Two outsiders. Two People. Taking a Leap. Trying new things. And learning all the more.
(This is a rewrite of my old story 'Are You The One For Me?'. It is dedicated to Dnt_Brake_mah_hart, who originally encouraged me to write the story.)
~Samantha Bellamy

Chapter 1



I gazed longingly out the window, my forehead pressing against the cool glass.

It was raining. Typical.

Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day.

The words flew through my head, but my mind said something else.

I truly loved the rain. The dampened smell it imprinted on the earth, the dark sky, the water pouring down drenching the world in gray.

A heard Tim heave a deep sigh from the front seat, and Bernie grinned at him.

"Nice day, ain't it," he said to Tim, but there was no reply.

The car lapsed back into the original silence.

The veiw was utterly amazing. Water stretched to the horizon; dark waves lapping roughly against the shore, powered by the ferocious wind.

"It's beautiful," I found myself saying, though most people would find it more intimidating.

Bernie chuckled. "It sure is something."

Tim stayed silent.

He didn't speak much these days.

Neither did I, but if you compared the words we had spoken, you would find me the most talkative person out there.

Tim had gone days without a single word.

I sometimes had felt guilty. Tim was so upset about the death of our parents that we all knew that he would never be the same.

We all knew that in time, I would return to normal.

I did not know when that time would come, or even if I wanted it to.

We pulled into a gravel driveway, the rocks crunching under the weight of the tires.

As we came to a halt I stepped out of the car, walking to the trunk to grab my luggage.

Only, when I arrived there, I found the trunk open and my largest suitcase, which had been sitting on the top of the pile, no where to be seen.

"Bernie..." I trailed off, and he came to examine what had grabbed my attention.

He swore under his breath and shook his head.

"Damn car."

"What are we going to do?" I asked, making eye contact with Bernie for the first time.

He shrugged, his mustache moving with his mouth.

"It had to have been within the last few miles, otherwise it would have hit another car and we would have known for certain it had come out."

Realization wracked me. "What if it had fallen into the ocean?"

My voice was barely a whisper, and I was paralyzed. Most of my prized possesions, lost forever.

Photoes of my parents, laptop, ipod, the soccer ball my father had given me for my birthday just a short period before.

All gone.

"Don't worry," assured Bernie, smacking me on the back, snapping my body back into motion. "It'll turn up before you know it!"

I walked up the small porch, ignoring the feel of the rain against my bare arms.

The screen door flew open before I could touch it, and a pair of arms were thrown around me.

"Alison!" Aunt Gemma exclaimed, regarding my appearence. "Welcome to La Push!"

Aunt Gemma was a rather enthusiastic person. That was clear.

"Hello," I nodded, walking into the house with the smaller bags a carried.

Tim was Aunt Gemma's next target, but he regarded her without a word, following me in pursuit.

"Turn right and then first door on the left! Your rooms are connected!" She called after us.

She got no reply.

Tim and I walked into the two bedrooms. they were separated with a glass door. They each had a door leading outside onto a wide porch, leaving a beautiful sandy trail to the lake.

"Which room do you want?" I asked Tim quietly.

They were the same in size, the one on the right painted green and the other blue.

Tim walked ruefully to the green room.

I nodded, and dropped my bags on the bed occupying the left corner of the room. I layed my head against the pillow, staring at the ceiling.

This is going to be a long ten months.

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