Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 5

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Chapter 1

dreaming and flashbacks...

was i dead and gone to heaven?i thought i was.his hands roamed my body as did mine.
his touch sent shocks of pleasure down my spine that were almost unbearable.a part of my mind screamed to push him away.that he was dangerous,not to be trusted.but my body resisted.i was ripped in between two sides.fight or love?
i gave up when his lips ran from my jaw to my neck.i sucked in my breath and balled my hand in his voice ragged and uneven i said"how come your the only one with the shirt on malfoy?"i teased.he grinned against my neck.
"then why dont i take it off?"and thats just what he did.the silver moonlight cast shadows across his body where it didnt touch him.
he looked like a angel.
we were soon on the forest floor.the leaves crushing into my back and the sweet smell of soil all around us.his hand slid around my back to unclip my bra .i one had really seen me like that.but he kissed my shoulder."its OK"he whispered.his words were like a energy drink and a tranquilizer at the same time.he almost had the last hook undone when i noticed a shadowy form in front of us.
i pushed Draco away and he cursed under his breath when he noticed the person also."harry?"i whispered.he stepped into the moonlight and confirmed it was him.horrified at what he was seeing i looked away. Draco glared coldly at harry.his eyes were shocked and pained.
noticing that i was shirtless i dove forward and grabbed my shirt hazardly pulling it on."i was just walking down this hallway and i was thinking about you and then...."his voice trailed off. i felt horrible.that kind of horrible feeling when your caught doing something horribly wrong.
when we first entered the woods had seemed a mysterious peaceful place now they seemed to press in around me and suffocate me. Draco stood stock still behind me.i shook my head not knowing what to say or do then walked out of the room slowly and right past them both.

************************Draco's P.O.V
stupid could he ruin everything for me so quickly.he was like a bad luck sign.disgusted by his interruption i had stayed quiet until she had left looking like she despised herself with all her might.potter would pay.
but wasn't i doing the same thing? wasn't i going to end up hurting her beyond repair?i cant even trust myself anymore let alone around her.i pushed past potter cursing him as i went.he just stood there stunned like he ought to be.

********************Anastasia's P.O.V

i tossed and turned in my bed.the night had been perfect up until harry had ruined it.he didn't need to see that.but then again i wanted Draco like i wanted none else.when i thought i couldn't sleep anymore i lapsed into a painful dream.


i raced through the castles many corridors.i turned a hallway and into a mother and father were on the floor dead.standing over them was a hooded figure and behind the figure a man.
he wasn't like any other man though.he looked like a snake.then my head buzzed with was lord voldermort.i had heard about him in NY.he was supposedly evil but i hadn't believed him.his snake like eyes watched me with amusement and cruelty.
the cloaked figure pulled back his hood.moonlight from the window washed his face in was Draco.i gasped and ran for him.but parents lay between me and him.he couldn't have.he wouldn't but wait....i shook my head as tears fell.he stepped over them and wrapped his arms around me his claok smelling of fire and blood.his arms felt wrong.
then a hissing came from voldermort and a flash of silver behind me flashed past.i was to late.the daggers hilt pierced my back and i staggered back pain in my eyes as i stared at Draco in surprise.his face was tortured."i had to Anastasia,i had to.."he whispered and i fell back into darkness.


it wasn't yet dawn and i sat up in a cold heart was racing and could almost feel the dagger in my back.i bit back my scream at the memory and ran to the bathroom.i leaned over the toilet till the sickness vanished.i held my chest and rocked back and forth on my bed.the tears couldn't be held.i was sobbing before i knew it and i slowly pulled myself out of the bed trying not to wake Tatiana who was snoring softly from the top bunk.
i headed down the stairs and across the common room to the boys dorm.i walked down the hallway happy that names were on the doors.i stopped at Draco and pushed it open slowly.
he was sleeping softly in his bed.good, he had no roommate in the top bunk.he must've done something special to be able to have no roommate.i just needed to be near hear his breathing.
i sat on the edge of his bed and he stirred.then thrashed awake jumping up.his eyes caught my form in the soft darkness."Anastasia?"he said confused.
i started to cry again.i couldn't help it.and i was doing it alot lately.this stupid crying thing was starting to make me mad.
he wrapped his arms around me."whats wrong?"he said.i shook my head trying to clear my head."this may sound stupid but i had a stabbed me when i was hugging you and lord-lord-.."i stuttered on his name while crying.he stiffened around me.
his eyes hardened the way they did when he wouldn't talk to me.

********************** Draco's P.O.V

i still didn't understand why he wanted her. why she was so special but i do remember the night he told me to draw her become her love.which i was doing to well.


the cold air hit my me harshly and bit through my jacket as i waited fro the dark anxiety grew more and more with each minute.then there he was.his snake like eyes watching me."there is a girl she has special"he paused thinking"powers.,that i will need later on in my plan"i want you to befriend her.even become more than friends.just make her like not fall in love though.i do not need my death eaters the end you will be betraying her. remember that Draco,remember."then he had vanished,gone.


i knew that if i didn't do it he could kill me.or torture me.but then i did have feelings for her.and now she lay in my arms.crying because she had a dream. a dream where i stabbed her in the back.quite literally in her dream i was a backstabber.i swallowed the painful lump in my throat and pulled her under the blanket with me."its OK im here it will be better in the morning.we'll go to hogsmeade and enjoy ourselves."i promised.but i knew deep down she could never trust me.and i could never promise to keep her safe from anything but herself.....TBC


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