These things have actually happened, if you would ever like to talk about things that have happened to you please message me.

Chapter 1

I will start from my most recent...

OK, first of all, I would like to state, for the record, that I am not making any of this up and I am NOT crazy, so if you have already second guessed me even ONCE please stop reading now. Do not read beyond this line if you do not believe in ghosts or if you are scared quite easily.

Some of us, when we are born, are born "gifted". This comes in either small, none or great doses. If it is in none, we will experience no contact with the spiritual unless with a gifted, and nothing will ever be directed at us. If it is in small doses, we will experience encounters rarely, feel towards apparitions we see, and be able to successfully summon ghosts with the right equipment quite easily. If it is in large doses, you can summon them with a Ouija (Wee-jee) board on our own, feel deeply towards them, and can get possessed by only being in the same room as a spirit. If you have it in slightly larger than small doses, you will be able to feel towards them, communicate with them at times, and have a stronger sense of them. I have done some research over the years, and believe I have it in close to large doses. Firstly, I have been seeing them since I was quite little. I have also summoned them before and succeeded, many times with my friends and twice by myself. Sometimes, when I was younger, and still now, I would lie involuntarily. I would drift out of conversations and say things completely out of context. Once, for a week at age 11, I believed I had a boyfriend of 15 years old named Jason, and once had a conversation, believing I was hearing voices back. I even staged a break up with "Jason" to see if they would stop. They did. Whether this is just my subconcious desire to feel loved at that age, or something paranormal...? I know I am not crazy. I even took therapy once. The doctor said at age 9 with divorced parents I was doing incredibly well and had nothing wrong with me. This was after I tried to talk to my mom about this, but I recently discorvered she believes me very much, as she, too, believes she is gifted in small doses, which is amazing for someone over 30. I will get in to these things later.

I have never used a Ouija board, but have recently started wanting too, though I know it is a terrible idea. I have also read up that early signs of haunting or even in some rare cases possession are the following: frequent headaches, out of context speaking, conversation with someone who is not there, frequent nightmares, feeling as if you somehow relate to scary or gothic pictures, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, morbid ideas, and in some cases self harm. Most of this has happened to me, perhaps all. I used to get one headache each day, then stopped, but recently have started getting them again, including three migranes last weekend. I also fear for my best friend, who shall not be named, as she gets more frequent headaches and has had paranormal things happen to her recently though she doesn't believe in them. I also have always been plagued with nightmares, some that don't even make sense to me or anyone. Recently I have had one that made me wake up crying, though it wasn't the scariest or most vivid I have seen in my life. I was on a boat, with lots of people. Gradually they were all disappearing, though my mind was completely calm about this and believed it should be happening. The boat was large, and I think my mother was next to me, though I never looked, just sort of..knew. I got off of the boat, and then was suddenly on the sandy shores of a beach in the night with dark dreary skies. The boat was still there. As I looked through one of the windows, I saw things..happen. That I don't know why but seemed normal to me. People were yelling and crying, quite disturbingly so, and then just stopped and stared in to space. This is when the blood came. Their heads, one at a time, were expanding, then popping, blood and brains spilling everywhere, shaky bodies still standing. Though I didn't see her, I knew she was there. I heard the word "Bride" I think it was, and "Black Lace", and I held her responsible. Then I smiled. I wanted to throw up in my subconcious, but me, or who I thought was me, was smiling and very calm indeed. Then the boat was gone, and I was with my mother, who seemed to be crying and worried. All I remember after that were big waves, and the thought of acid for reasons unexplainable by words, and then people being carried by the waves, and me, leaving my screaming mother to go sit behind a broken bilboard to shield myself from the waves which were killing everyone. The next day, I found this picture(above)on google images when searching for anime, and it spoke to me. I felt for the woman, and saved the picture to my files. I can't bring myself to delete it. Lately I have been seeing shadow ghosts darting in the corner of my vision, and thinking about really morbid things. Once I thought about suicide, though I love my life so much and would never stoop to that. I have also been getting scared about death. About the possibility of nothingness, though I am christian. I have also been having very non-religious thoughts about the world, and about how life is pointless and has no real end and is short as the day is long.
Today I hurt myself. I was seeing ghostly figures in my vision, and doing research on them, and my throat itched, so I reached up to scratch it, but ended up wrapping both hands around it, no squeezing. At first I laughed a little, as I would pretend to myself when I was little that I was "possessed" so I would feel sort of special on days when I could not contact the dead. So I moved my arms away, but then brought them back up. This is when I started fighting. I tried to pull away, but couldn't. They started tightening slightly and I called out to my mom with no sound coming out. By now they had tightened, and were shaking my head back and forth, and I could barely breath and was losing conciousness somewhat. Then I saw something, kind of like a movie from just staring in to space. I saw a woman, with ash sort of brown hair, dressed all in black, crying lightly. Then a staircase, then a basement door, then nothing. Then I brought myself to let go, and my neck is fine, no after-pain, no bruises, nothing. I got scared after that, just a little, and felt myself start to cry, which I immediately stopped. I heard the words "black lace" a number of times. My dog was also very uptight as this was going on, whimpering and pawing at my ankle. I got a small headache and back pains after that, and now I am fine. When I stared at my computer screen for two long, I saw the smae woman, looking forwards with her head tileted upwards, dressed in black with her neck exposed. I used to have visions like these alot, usually concerning people I knew or know now. Just last summer while playing softball on a team, I missed the ball because I completely froze, and had a vision of my best friend Ebony, and a girl, Brianna, whom I have not seen in five years. We were all dressed for something I think was prom. We were all laughing with her father and taking pictures at some house, by a staircase lined with red carpet and a gold and ebony wooden banister. I was talking to Brianna, and then sensed my friend Vashti was there. I turned to looka t her, and she was now holding the camera in Ebony's place. When I asked where Ebony had gone, they all gave me a weird look, right before I heard the screams. I ran outside to where I had heard them, and found myself in a wooden maze. I made it to the centre quickly, and stood facing Ebonys dead body, nailed to the wood, and heard the words, "its coming". This was over a year ago.

I also went to a sports day at school in August last year. There is a house across the road from a field we go to there that everyone is convinced is haunted. I did not believe this myself, but went to check it out with one of my best friends, Caitlyn, who is also a paranormal enthusist and gifted in small doses. We stood a fair distance from the house, though we could see it clearly. We stood about a yard and a half from the field where everyone was playing, behind a log sort of "gate" that divided the two sections of field. The grass beyond it was dying slowly, and lead up to the house which sat on its own. It was abandoned, and we had seen it before knowing no one lived there. There was still furniture, which is the creepy part. Most of the walls are missing, yet the roof is intact. We were staring at it, and in the living room area, I could have sworn I saw a new plasma with cartoons playing. When I looked back it was gone, yet Caitlyn swears she saw it too. I also kept seeing people in the rooms for split seconds, and the shadow of a mother in a rocking chair with a child. There was a broken full length mirror in which Caitlyn and I both saw the reflection of a small child with black hair. Caitlyn left for a minute to go to the bathroom across the other end of the field. I was alone. This is when I saw everything. I fell to my knees, and my mind told me I was tired, though my eyes never shut. I saw two people getting married, having three children. Two of those children were todlers when the third was born. I saw the hudband come home one night, drunk, and I saw him beat his wife. I cried as I saw this. I felt the pain, I saw the look of hatred and malice in his eyes. I saw the children in their rooms, asleep, and then the husband sobbing and apologising. He got drunk again, just the next week. He hit her alot, again, and this time only briefly apologised before falling asleep in the living room. The mother went ot breast feed her baby, and made up her mind. The next morning she informed her husband she was leaving him, but he convinced her to stay with the children one more night, and she did. He came home, groggy, again, and came at her with a kitchen knife. I will not explain in any detail the horror that I saw. He hund her body in the closet by the full length mirror. I then saw him get mad and hit at the mirror, then trash the room. He called the children in, all of them, the son carrying the baby. Told them it was bath time. He drowned them and hung their bodies with their mother, then hung himself in the closet with them. My vision came back and I was crying hard. I told Caitlyn, as she came running back, screaming my name. I stopped crying after that, and asked my teacher about the house once I had composed myself. She told me "to keep it myself, but she thinks someone may have died there," and for me to never ever go near it, and keep my friends away from it. I promised, and walked away from her. I was worried because she normally didn't believ in that stuff, and was usually very composed and sensible and mature. That is the last I have heard about them, or have had anything to do with this family.

When I was very, very young, I had two imaginary friends. Sally, and Cambrika. Sally was always nice, and Cambrika was always naughty. I used to do things, like draw on the walls, break things, and tell my mother Cambrika told me to do it, though she never believed me. I don't know too much more on this subject. I also saw three more ghosts, Cindy, Sandra, and Lucy. Cindy had curly black hair and green eyes, and was bad at first, scary, but then became a friend, subconciously. I used to see her in my mind only, and in dreams, but I would hear her talking to me quite often. I also summoned her with a group of friends. She used to ask if she could take over my body for a little bit and I would agree, because I trusted her. She would then aparently possess me for a short amount of time. Conciously I was not aware of this. Suconciously I was. My friends told me once(i have hazel eyes) that my eyes turned green during one of these sessions. I would also say things I had not intended to, but there was no pain whatsoever. I would later hear thankyous from no where once I knew she was gone. Sandra was also nice, and I actually saw her once. She had long orange hair and brown eyes, as I recalled, but was not a whole person, I only saw her face. She had a little bit of southern drawl to her accent, and constantly told me that I was "chosen" and called me things like "lucky" "gifted" and "special girl". When I summoned ghosts, she would often come even if I hadn't specifically targetted her, and I would here her voice even when my friends told me that they could feel her energy but couldn't hear or see her like I could. Lucy was different. Cindy warned me about her. Told me she was bad. Sandra told me she feared her. I saw her a number of times. Blonde hair, big blue eyes, innocent face. She hurt me a number of times. Possessed me once. Holding my breath would help, but not much. She would appear randomly at summonings, and no one else could see her or sense any good kind of energy. She brought alot of cold in to the room. She would put bad thoughts in to my head. Trick me. From my window in my classroom, I thought I saw a girl lying on the grassy oval in a white dress with pale blonde hair spread out around her. She wore a daisy chain necklace and looked my age. We held a sayonce around that area later that day, and all heard a small voice ask if we wanted to communicate with her. I agreed to act as a host, and began to get vivid images of a childhood that was not mine. Of picking daisies with my mother, and then the fire, and losing sight of my mother, and the pain of my skin melting. I then told them that, and how I "wanted to find my mother". They were not my words. I conjured up enough strength to mentally tell the spirit to leave for the timebeing, and heard a laughter, thick, that no one else heard, and the name Lucy. I saw a mental image of her, taunting me. I never hosted a sayonce with my friends again after that, and I think that perhaps it made her mad...? My friend Libby got cold after that, and was cold to the touch. She went to the doctors, and he said she was fine and her temperature was normal to him. Libby told me she sensed Lucy coming for her, and I told her not to worry. She was fine the next day, though she tells me she had nightmares about Lucy in a garden on a swing singing Mary had a Little Lamb for weeks afterwards. I lost touch with any other spirits after that, and I think Cindy may have passed on after the good deed she did in helping protect me against Lucy. Sandy may have also; she told me once she knew where her sister was, and then we never spoke.

I have not spoken to any ghosts directly since then, when I had just turned 11.

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