3 Sisters

Macy - 18
Lia - 17
Andrea - 16

3 sisters experiencing different life experiences.

Chapter 1


by: RoyalMess
Andrea stood in front of her full-length mirror and inspected herself. She took a step back, and then turned around to get a glimpse at every angle. She sighed and shook her head. She never was completely confident of her body. She never really liked it. All through out her life, she's been a petite girl, never big, but it didn't seem good enough.
She didn't have the toned legs swimmers do, or the solid stomach dancers do, and no matter how hard she tried, she could never get one.
She leaned in closer to the mirror inspecting her make-up one more time. Mac Mascara - Check. Tooty Fruity lip gloss - Check. She went down her list of checks and took a deep breath. When she walked out the door, her sister Lia was leaving her bedroom too.
"Where are you going?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Taylor Moore's party, obviously."
"No your not." Lia said crossing her arms.
"Yes... I am." Andrea said trying to stand tall.
"I am too." Lia said.
"Since when?" Andrea said narrowing her eyebrows.
"Since always. Since when were you invited? You're a grade 11, not a senior."
"Well I was." Andrea said.
"By Taylor?"
"No, by her brother Mason."
"Mason Moore?"
"Andrea, that kids bad news I hope you know--"
"Yeah yeah, jeeze. What are you my Mother?"
"Andrea. We're going to be at the same party, don't try to think you'll get away with anything--"
"Where are you guys going?" Macy said, turning the corner.
"Taylor Moores party." Andrea said with a huff, "Wheres Mom, can she drive us?"
"No she's working-- Wait, you guys are both going to the same party?"
Macy tried to contain her laugh, before walking off. Andrea rolled her eyes.
"Lee, guess you're driving."

Andrea and Lia both got to the party with crowds of people outside the house, and from what they could see inside the house too.
Lia spotted her friends, "Kay, I'll see you later. Don't do anything stupid, okay?" and she ran off.
Andrea took a deep breath and started walking towards the front door. People pushed past her laughing and tumbling over. It was only 10 and the place was already a mess.
"Glad you came." A deep voice said behind her. She felt someone wrap their arms around her waist. Andrea turned around quickly, and when she saw Mason she smiled,
"Wouldn't miss it." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, "Let's go upstairs." She whispered. Mason laughed and kissed her cheek.
"Right now?" Andrea nodded, Mason took her hand and started leading her up the stairs.

Lia took a plastic cup from her friend Taya. "What's wrong with you? Were at a party, relax!"
Lia forced a smile, "I can't. I'm just nervous."
"Cause' Andrea said something about knowing Taylor's brother, Mason."
"Ou. Not good."
"Nope." Lia chugged back her pepsi. "Whatever girl that kid knows, he gets stuff from them."
Taya nodded, "Yep! I'm getting more to drink."
"Okay." Lia said, "I'm going to check up on Andrea. Somethings not right."

Andrea sat on the edge of Masons bed, dangling her feet. "You coming?" She called to him. He was in his washroom, doing god knows what. Mason appeared in the doorway,
"Found one." He smiled. He was holding up a small dark piece of plastic. Andrea gulped as soon as she realized what it was.
Mason walked over to the bed and crawled behind Andrea. He slowly started kissing her neck.
'Relax' Andrea told herself. 'Enjoy yourself.'
Andrea turned her head, and started kissing Mason. Mason forced down on Andrea, making her lie down.
They kissed for a few minutes, and then Andrea knew she was ready. She started to pull on Masons top. When she got his off, she pulled hers off too.
Mason smiled slyly at her and started to touch her. Everywhere.
Andrea was about to start undo-ing her pants when someone barged in the door.
"Oh my god."
"Woah! What the hell?" Mason said getting off of Andrea.
Lia walked quickly over to Andrea, and pulled her up, "What the he'll do you think your doing?!" She screamed. She started pulling Andrea towards the door.
"Stop!" Andrea shouted. Her eyes started burning and she knew she was about to cry. She started pulling her shirt back on again.
Lia stopped and turned towards Andrea.
"Andrea. I warned you about him! You're 16 years old, not 20!"
"You weren't 20 either, Lia!"
"15. And under the school bleachers."
"How do you--"
"I know a lot of things. Don't make me feel like a wh/ore while you've done worse!"
"Andrea. We're leaving. Now."
"No!" Andrea pulled back her arm, "I'm not leaving."
"Yes. You are!" Lia said, taking back Andrea's arm, this time not ableing Andrea to get out.
Andrea turned back around to look at Mason. 'Sorry' She mouthed. He just looked down, and pulled his shirt back on.

The rest of the ride home Lia was silent. Andrea knew she was pissed off, but even worse she was disapointed.
"I'm sorry." Andrea said. She started crying, "Lee. I'm so sorry."
"Shut up, Andrea." Lia said. She parked the car into their driveway and started walking towards the porch. When they walked in, Macy meeted them at the door.
"Wow home so-- What happened?" Lia brushed past Macy, and Andrea tried doing the same, but Macy stopped her and held onto her shoulders. "Ang, what happened?" She asked. She brushed away a tear that was halfway down her face.
"No--Nothing." She stuttered. She released her grasp from Macy, and ran up the stairs.


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