Forbidden Love (A Harry Potter Love Story)

You're name is Lucille. You are a beautiful 5th year Slytherin, who is nice and smart. No, you don't want to be a Death Eater, and you also HATE Voldemort. You have long platinum blonde hair, and everyone likes you.
Oh, did I mention you're Draco Malfoy's sister?

Chapter 1

Last Day of Summer

by: CaliGurl
I wake up and take a look around my room, decorated green and silver for Slytherin. Ahh, it's the last day of summer! I quickly run over to my brother's room across the hall, "DRACO! WAKE UP!!" "Ah!" he screams, nearly falling out of bed. "Come on! It's the last day of summer!" "Fine fine, let me alteast get dressed." "No time for that!!" I yell, grabbing his hand and pulling him down the stairs. On the lastt day of summer, my mother usually made my favorite thing for breakfast: blueberry waffles and chocolate chip pancakes. As I arrived in the kitchen, I could see a plate already set out on the table. I rushed to start eating, but my mother stopped me and said "Lucille! Wait for everyone!" "But MOM!" "Lucille we have a special guest coming today, so leave your pancakes and go get dressed." "Huh?" I said "Who is it?" "Lord Voldemort is coming over so go and get dressed!" My heart almost stopped. Voldemort scared me, but my parents and my brother respected him. I mean, he's creepy! He has no nose! But of course, I can't do anything but get dressed. I slowly walked up the stairs, when my brother caught up with me "You okay Lucille?" "No, did you hear!? HE'S coming over!" "You know he's not so bad!" Draco said, trying to comfort me, "But he's evil! And he has no nose! And-" At this my brother bursted out laughing. "Hmph!" I said trying to run up the stairs, but he caught my arm. "It'll be okay, just sit still, don't laugh, and don't talk unless spoken to." " 'Kay" I sprinted to my closet, and put on my best green dress. As I walked down the stairs, I heard a "crack!". I slowly walked down the stairs, and of course my parents and my brother are already there. I try to walk quietly so he doesn't see me, but of course he does. "And who is this?" Voldemort asks in his whispery voice. "Oh, this is our beautiful daughter!" My dad starts to tell him, but it is rudely interrupted by "No, I want her to introduce herself." No! Oh my gosh, I was gonna start freaking out, but calmly I said, "My name is Lucille, I'm Draco's sister." "Oh really? Lucius, you never told me you had a daughter." "My lord, I didn't think it was very important." "You think having a daughter is not important!? She could be the next Bellatrix! Now Lucille, come here so I can get a closer look at you." I was so lucky I could easily hide my expressions! I walked closer, then Voldemort started walking around me. "Yes, yes. Very nice. Now Lucille, do you plan on being a Death Eater?" OMG! I quickly looked to my parents, and they were nodding their head furiously, even though I have no intention of being near one. "Maybe." I said nochalantly "Maybe!?" "I mean yes, of course." "Good. Well Lucius, I need to speak with you in private." They turned and headed for my dad's study, while I quietly walked back up the stairs. I pulled the covers over my head and took a nap...

Haha :) this is my first story, so comment and tell me what you think! Love part is coming soon if you guys can encourage me enough!

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