Born (Emmett Cullen Love Story)

Ok, so this is my [[Emmett Cullen]] love story.
I really hope you guys like it, and tell all your friends to read it too!

Chapter 1

A new friendship; An everlasting love

by: kisa_
1916- My name is Madison Winchester, the name I was given at birth, which is today, April 9, 1914.

1921- Im 5 years old now, and I think I met my new friend for life; his name is Emmett McCarty. We met yesterday while I was down by Birmingham's pond.
"Mother! Im heading outside to explore Mr.Gil's pond!" I chirped excitedly.
"Alright deary, be careful and do not get your dress all filthy, like last time!" she said absent-minded, "And be home for supper!" she yelled as I skipped out the door.
I was hopping from rock to rock to avoid my dress from dipping in the water. I could see tons of new born tadpole swimming around; I sat on a boulder to observe what they do for fun. I sat for a few minutes and all they did was swim and swim and thats it. I was getting rather bored and was about to head back home after a failed exploration until the still water infront of my eyes exploded. The water flew up and splashed on my dress; mother would be very upset when i got home. I searched around to see the cause of this so called water explosion and I saw a boy, he look around my age. He had an armful of glossy rocks; he threw one and it landed in the pond, cause more muck to land on me.
"Stop that!" I yelled, He looked over at me shocked, and dropped all the rocks to the ground.
"Im sorry! I didn't mean to dirty your dress!" he spoke quickly as he ran towards me.
"You should be sorry! Now mother will be all mad, and its all your fault" I pouted.
"I said sorry! I'll tell your mother it was my fault, just show me where you live" he replied.
That was very kind of him, to take all the blame, "Im Madison, I live right up on that hill" i blurted.
He smiled revealing his all too cute dimples, "Im Emmett, I live down the lane" he answered, "what were you doing out here alone?"
"I was out exploring! but i didn't find much" i fumed.
"I was exploring too! I found those shiny rocks, and even something better" he remarked.
"Better? What did you find better than shiny rocks?" I asked intrigued.
Emmett smiled showing all teeth, "I found you, I think your rather pretty"
I was frozen for a second, but at the same time I felt butterflies in my tummy,"Thank you, your very handsome yourself, would you like to be my new friend, Emmett?" I Stammered.
"Why of course!" he came closer to me and kissed me on the cheek, i felt my cheeks turn red hot,"Lets go, new friend" Emmett rejoiced.
I couldn't help but grin, today was a great exploration, i found a new friend.
He grabbed my hand in his, and we walked back to my house; I was too young to realize it, but I was in love.

1935- Finally 19. Emmett and I were closer than siamese twins,even though he was 20, we've known each other for 14 years now, I was at home alone, mother was away with father at one of his work parties. I heard a bang at the door, I rushed to the door, to no surprise it was Emmett. He picked me up in his strong arms and spun me around, i let out a faint laugh, he set me down with a passionate kiss. I didnt want it to end, but sadly it did.
"You look as beautiful as ever" he said pushing my hair behind my hair, I could tell I was blushing, even after years of knowing each other, he still took my breath away and made me feel weightless.
"Why are you here so late?" i asked coming back down to Earth.
He grabbed my waist, "Tomorrow, I'm going down hunting with my brothers; hopefully we'll catch something big enough and sell it to Ol' Man Gil, and then we'll have enough for a wedding" Emmett said hopeful.
"I love you Emmett McCarty, and I cant wait to be Mrs.McCarty. I dont want to wait till were married, I want to be your forever.." i said giving him the most passionate kiss, putting all of my love and feelings into it.
Emmett kissed back, "I love you too, but are you sure?"
I smiled, "Ive never been more sure in my life". Emmett smiled, showing all his teeth, revealing his still all to cute dimple. He threw me over his shoulder and jogged upstairs, where I was his, and he was mine. This may sound cheesy but, we were one, in both meanings of the term.
-The Next Morning- I woke up in my bed alone, Emmett was gone, trying to get enough money for our wedding. Little did i know, that was the last time i would see him, because that the year he was turned, and the same year i was turned as well.

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