Trusting Your Heart Is Easy, But Letting It Remain Untouched By Darkness Is Hard... (New chapter[s])

This is my Kingdom Hearts story, do NOT criticize it, if you do not like it, why are you here?I will use many of the people form Birth By Sleep and twist that game into my story... It will basically be the game with a bit of a MissDigi touch to it. Basically I make most of this up and then use things from the game and make my story... Please rate and comment on this story if you like it... Even if you don't I will continue to write it...
The main characters are Rei and Ventus....

Chapter 1

A Journey's Beginning

"Long ago, a young prophet by the name of Isis, received a prophecy and she discovered the existence of other worlds... She told only those she could trust, she told her brother and my grand father, now I pass this prophecy to another. Rei, you are to keep this prophecy and the stone of light safe until it reaches Master Eraquas. I will inform him you will eventually get these to him, but only after you have completed your training, unless something happens before then... You know the prophecy well, remember it for you may need to know it someday. Rei, you are young, yet your are strong and experienced... more experienced and smarter than a lot of Masters... You lack one skill though, you have not been trained to work in a team, but some day you may need to..." I looked at Master Zenvay, I took a step towards him,
"But Master, there are no others for me to learn to train in a team with... I am the only one left here, ever since the unversed took over most of this land... They have all died or remain here but refuse to touch a blade... How do you expect me to learn to fight in a team?!" He looked at me and said,
"If you are to learn to fight in a team, you must go to the Land Of Departure then..." I looked at him, shocked.
"The Land Of Forgiveness is my home! You can't expect me to just get up and leave! I will fight for my home with all my heart!" Suddenly, there was a crash and a ton of the unversed came through and started attacking, I attacked them with my keyblade, known as the Black Rose. Anyone who knew of the Black Rose, knew of me... I was considered a protector to many worlds I have saved from the unversed... But those were few compared to how many worlds there actually are... I watched as Master Zenvay opened a gate to another world, he looked at me,
"GO Rei! I will die here, but you still have a destiny.... Go! This will take you to the Land of Departure. Tell them that I am dead once you arrive.. That will be your home from then on..." I protested,
"but..." Then he shoved me through and I fell, I landed on the ground on my feet and I felt weak, travelling to another world like that always made me weak... I ran into the castle, Master Eraquas was there with three of his students, obviously informing them on something. He looked at me and saw my keyblade then said,
"Rei, has something happened?!"
"Master Zenvay is... dead." I managed to say, then I blacked out....

Master Eraquas looked at me,
"Ventus, go get the healer now!" I nodded and ran off. I came back with he healer and the healer took her to a room, the Master looked at Aqua, Terra, and I.
"She trained under another master, but never completed her training and now he's dead..." He seemed to be talking to himself.
"I will allow her to finish her training and earn her Mark of Mastery here... It is the last thing I could do for my old brother.." I looked at him, so that Master Zenvay had been his brother? Then he looked at me,
"Perhaps..." he said to himself.. I was starting to get really confused, then Terra looked at Aqua and I listened to them talk.
"Did you see her Keyblade? It was the Black Rose..." Aqua looked at him,
"Do you think...?" He nodded.
"It may just be her... I think it is..." Then they got quiet once the Master started speaking again.
"Ven.. do you think you could help her? She won't be used to training with others, so perhaps it'd be better if someone her age helped her..?" I looked at him and nodded...
"Of course Master... I'm sure I could help her.."

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