Every girl's dream... or nightmare? A Nick Jonas Story

Being in love. Isn’t that what every girl dreams of? Well that’s what I believed, until it happened to me. Sure, its magical, and empowering in every way. That is, while it lasts. This is the story that we all go through, at some point in our lives. When love is lost, can you ever get it back?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1- The Return

I trudged onto the bus, dragging my feet, struggling to pick them up as I threw my stuff down on a seat. It was the last week of school. Just one more week, and I’d be free. Just the thought of being tied down, doing homework, even though it was 80 degrees outside made me depressed. It didn’t hit above the 70s very often here in the Midwest. The bus was practically empty, so I left my stuff, and made my way to the back of the bus, where my friends were sitting.
After a few minutes of arguing that dark chocolate was better than milk chocolate with them, I heard footsteps, before the bus doors slid closed, and we took off. By the time I had turned around, he’d already taken his seat, but I could see his curly hair peeking out from the top of the seat. I felt a smile spread across my face as I watched him, talking to the other guys in his grade. He was a year older than me. Well, actually, he had a late summer birthday, so he was only a few months older than me.
I confess, he was the first guy that I ever considered to be boyfriend material. I still remember that first day of school a few years ago, when I saw him on the bus, I thought, oh, he’s cute! Of course, on the first day of school, all anybody is concerned about is their social status. So I figured, if I could get the older guy to fall for me, instant popularity boost, right? It lead to years of mindless flirting between us two.
He played in the school band with me, and we battled head to head, to lead the section. One day our band director had been so impressed with both of us that he had appointed us co-section leaders. And ever since then, we’ve been the closest of friends. Some would say that we were more. Everytime we walked into a class together, it was expected that someone would comment on how cute a couple we were. Whenever someone would ask us in class whether we liked eachother, I would pretend not to hear the question. He would turn entirely red, and tell me to say no. But I was certain that the two of us knew that we were just joking around when we flirted. But now, I’m really not so sure.
That last week of school went by fast. It was then, after two years of flirting with him, that I found myself in dangerous territory. I had fallen beyond playful compliments, and I found that he, despite my best defenses, had advanced into crush territory. Major crush territory. I found that whenever he was smiling, I’d feel happy too. I started to listen when he bragged about his abs. But I was afraid. I was a year younger, and a guy like him had girls all over him. From what I knew, I was practically the only girl he really talked to. But that didn’t change anything. I’d fallen so hard for him, to the point where rejection seemed like the end of the world to me. So I tried another tactic.
On the bus ride home, I gathered up all the courage I could find, and cautiously, began to tell him. I found the perfect disguise for my words, as he waved his licked lollipop in the air.
“Nick, that’s disgusting! I can’t believe I ever used to like you”
I made sure to keep my voice down, so that only we could hear the conversation. Sure enough, he stopped what he was doing, and focused his deep brown eyes on mine.
“You? You used to like me?”
I tried to remain calm, and shrug it off, as if it was nothing. It was not nothing.
“Yeah, you know, like two years ago?”
He began to grin, widely. That was a good sign. No, a great sign. I felt a smile coming on my face, but I tried my hardest to suppress it.
“So you liked me as a friend? No, you liked me as… more, didn’t you?”
The bus approached my stop, and I made a swift exit, giving him a quick smile, replying,
“What do you think?”
Looking back, that is one of the moments I regret most in my life. I got home that day and it seemed like the best day of my life. I smiled for five hours straight, because everything was going perfectly. On the last day of school, I planned to confess my true feelings for him, because I was almost sure he liked me too. No, from the way we acted together, I think he loved me back. Life couldn’t get better, until a little alarm popped up on the screen of my laptop.
Nick leaves for LA- 2 days
Suddenly, it became hard to swallow. This couldn’t be. I was panicking inside, the one guy I truly felt something for was leaving, to Hollywood. People change in Hollywood. But after tomorrow we would confess our feelings to each other, and everything would turn out fine, wouldn’t it?
Of course, life never turns out the way it is supposed to. The next day, I went to school. Of course, Nick hadn’t ridden the bus. It was a half day, so we didn’t have half of our classes, meaning, we didn’t have any classes together that day. He was going to walk home with one of his friends, so he wouldn’t be on the bus home either. But this was my last chance. Just as I was about to walk to my bus, I saw him in the distance.
“Nick! Nick!” I called out, as loud as I could, but he was too far away. And just like that, Nick Jonas walked out of my life. And now, a year later, he’s back, and enrolled in the same college as me. Classes start today. So I guess my question is does true love really last forever? and then, was it true love? What we had? I’m about to find out.


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