Life at Hogwarts

Casts description:
Jordan- Tall, Long Blond hair, Dark sparkling blue eyes, tan skin. Every boy falls for her. skinny
George- Fred's twin, red hair, green eyes, tall, white skin.Likes Jordan, skinny
Fred- George's twin, red hair, green eyes, tall, white skin, also likes Jordan, skinny
Matthew- Jordan's jealous ex- boyfriend- tall, blond hair, blue eyes, skinny, tan skin.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Fred

( Me, Jordan, and Goerge board the train to Hogwarts.) ( A dude enters out compartment) Matthew: I came for something i wanted and something i will never stop trying to get. Jordan will you please give me a second chance? ( i immediatually hated this guy). Jordan: ( groans) Leave me alone please.
Matthew: I will ask one more time, DO YOU LOVE ME? ( i immediatually stood up) LEAVE HER ALONE! i screamed. ( He turned to look at me) He sneered) Matthew: Another Weasley? Can't afford anymore! ( He left) George: That dude is annoying. Jordan: Tell me about it! He even called his own mother the meanest monster in the world and she is the nicest thing ever! The intercome speaker interuppted her,: We will be arriving in five minutes. Please make sure you are in uniform. ( I was relived because I remembered to change before coming). The train stopped and people crowded. It was hard to get through the exit. I thought i would never get out.

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