Hate Me:


Chapter 1

Hate Me:

Hate me,
Within, Without.....
Loathe me to the bitter ends of the brink of my existance,
I am something to hate,
Never to take a glimpse,
I'll irritate,
I'll become absurd,
Whether it's right or wrong,
I know my difference,
And there's no taming me,
Blaming me,
Shaming me....
I'm shameless,
I'm blameless, till accused,
Assumptions lead you, tongue tied
And me laughing hoarsely in your face.
Hate me:
I'm Independent.
I'm not worth the patience,
I'll only break your heart when I give you my brutal honesty.
I'll only shatter you,
And create a monster
If you continue to crawl back to me,
Like a Dog to it's Vomit,
You will find the truth in me,
I am kind,
Till you dig beneath,
And see the true beast within,
It's beautiful...
Till angered,
There's no chemicals involved,
Unlike Dr. Jekyll. and Mr. Edward Hyde.
Something so much greater,
No need in asking,
I'm in for the fun,
I'm Karma when I have to be,
And then I'm the one she's after,
But you'll find it true,
You'll fnd my true face,
Through the bleak colors of the wind,
I'm a Dancer,
I'm a Singer,
Fame won't touch me,
But there are eyes...
Who were locked and implored.
Nevertheless take it as a warning,
Or suffer imensely.
A kiss is a kiss,
I'm shamless....
There's no taming me,
Blaming me,
Shaming me....
You'll find that clear,
I'm a demon.
Sent from the Fires of Hell,
But I cross the delicate line,
I'm sometimes a Saint,
I'm sometimes a Monstroisty,
A profit of my own battle...
A solider of God,
A disgrace of the devil,
Condemed by Birth,
No choice,
Then sin..
I'm a cross over from the depth of something once pure
Now lashed with a whip of sorrow and shame
Now I laugh at the pain of myself,
I love the pain,
Embrace the agony,
I love the hatred,
So don't think you're breaking my heart.
Because it doesn't work,
That's a promise.

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