This story is about a girl named Atara Jane Belikov who goes to The Prep Academy and meets a guy named Brian Dwyer.
Hair:Black and blond
History:She got pregnant so her mom sent her to boarding school after she had her kid. Her mom takes care of her baby and her baby's name is Skylar Atara Belikov.The story is in Atara's point of view the whole time.SORRY THAT SOME OF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT I JUST NEVER KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO WRITE! IF U HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS COMMENT AND SAY

Chapter 1

Prep Academy

I can't believe my mom is doing this to me. Just because I got pregnant at 14 doesnt mean that im a bad kid. I was an OK student. I got A's and B's. But no. She had to go all b!!tchy on me and send me to boarding school. So now I dont even get to watch my baby learn to walk or hear her say momma for the first time. It just breaks my heart that my mom would do that to me. She sends me pictures of Skylar but it's not the same. And her dad is in jail because my mom filed charges against him because he was 18 when that happened. So Sky has neither of her parents. Thank god I only have two years here. I'm in the 11th grade. I hate being at the Prep Academy. The girls that go here are all b!!tches. Except for Lily. She's my only friend here and I'm ok with that. She accepts me for who I am.

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