Update on my 'creeper'

Still don't know if he likes me or not!

Chapter 1

Well... enjoy LOL

Ok so today I saw him during school in the hallway (like after 6th period), I was walking alone & he was talking to a teacher so I walked by them & he was nodding then he turned away smiling & when he looked at me, he kinda nodded. So I was like 'yay he isnt a creeper!!" LOL so then after school I was like walking home w/ my friend brittany & I turned to see him & his friend walking behind us & brittany whispered "hes gonna follow us" but he had walked the way I normally walked,, by the street. & me & her walked the back way behind the woods. Normal so far, eh? Then I we keep walking 4 about 5 minutes, I turn around & he & his friend are like maybe 20 yrds behind us. So we get creeped out & hurry down the road quicker then we say our fairwells (sp?) (I have to keep walking straight, & she has to turn left down the road) & by the time I get home, hes alone behind me. So I tried something new & was like "Ummm hi?" Then he was like, "hi" then I like nodded & walked in2 my house. Then he stood out there & was like talking on the phone, then he walked away. It was quite weird, I'll say. Leave me a comment with your opinion!

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