Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Best friends Kyoko and Michiko have a strong bond that began to break when another comes between them,causing jealousy,envy,and pain that later become to much that it may push one over the edge.(First Part)

School:CherryStone Academy(all girls)
Major Cast:Kyoko,Michiko,Ayumi
Minor Cast:Yuuna,&Sumiko

Chapter 1

Kyoko Chapter:The begining of something new

A beautiful spring morning had came and at CherryStone Academy the alarm went off in room B7,waking up Michiko who heard Kyoko already up in the shower.
"mmmm" Michiko sitting up rubing her sleepy eyes that opened wide when Kyoko walked out of the shower with a towel on. "Its all yours now!" said Kyoko cheerfuly. " Soon they both got dressed and hand to hand happily ran to class before the bell.
In the first morning class,Michiko giggled watching Kyoko bored yawning,behind them sat Yunna looking at Michiko with a calm smile and next to her was Sumiko secertly texting under her desk.After almost two hours the bell ranged.
"Yes!!" said Kyoko standing up from her desk strenching "Morning class the worst!"
"Yes but if we took night class you be even more sleepy then" giggled Michiko gathering her two text books
"Uh!...your right heh!" Kyoko sticked out her tongue playfuly at Michiko
"Hey.." said Yunna low abit,holding her notebook and cute kitty backpack called "Neko Meow".
"Yunna-chan!whats up?! Kyoko hugged Yuuna kindly.
"Good morning Yuuna -san" Michiko said very sweet
"Hmmm" Yuuna stood blank abit then let out a smile until Sumiko instanly jumped into the trio happily. "Rawarrr my girlfriends!" Sumiko said in a loud cute voice."Guess what there is a rumor that we have a new girl on the campus today!"
"Cool.." Yuuna said in no interested.
"Awesome!cant wait to meet her!" Kyoko smiled big silly
"Me too,good to see fresh new faces" Michiko agreed with Kyoko,blushing alittle,that Yuuna noticed and looked down sadly.
"Gonna go hit some balls now!" Kyoko said energetic pulling out her her baseball bat and runing outside. Michiko smiling stood waving bye and just as Yuuna began to leave the classroom,she stopped with Michiko holding her hand gentaly. "Umm you mind if i tag along?"Michiko sweetlie asked.
"Mhmmm" Yuuna agreed blushing alittle and smiled backed.
Sumiko texing and just had realized everyone was gone,"Oops!heehee" she laughed abit and then noticed the new girl walked by,heading in the same direction outside that Kyoko had went. "Wow pretty" Sumiko said giggling.

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