Love Triangle

I decided to write this story. It's one of my friend's dreams :D and parts of my dreams combined together. Hope you'll like it! :)
So here is the basic info about the main character:
Name: Zoe Garcia
Height: 165cm
Hair: Brown hair with red highlights shoulder length
Eyes: Green
Birthday: 1st May
Siblings: twin brother Ian

Chapter 1

First Day

Zoe's POV.
Sigh.. It was my first day at my new school.. me and my twin bro Ian are both in high school, we move a lot. I never really minded. I just hated the fact that in each new school I had to start from zero. I had no friends, I didn't know anyone except my bro, I knew one thing. I had to make a good first impression.. I didn't want people to think that I am some kind of a girly girl but well .. I wasn't a Tomboy either. I went to school. I was wearing dark tight jeans and a red tank top to match my cool highlights. I had my skateboard with me. Ian was walking by my side, my parents made sure that we were both in the same class. Everyone was looking at us and whispering things like: 'I'm sure they are new.' behind our back. I really didn't mind.. After moving as much as I did I got used to it. We went to the office to grab our schedules. When I came into the room there was a nice lady with black hair sitting behind the desk. She smiled at us and said: ' What can I do for you darling?' Me:' My name Zoe and this is my brother Ian we are the new student they told us to come here to out my schedules.' 'Oh.. ok. here you have your schedule and your locker keys. Have a good day.' We just said 'Thank you' and simply walked away. Now we had to find our lockers and our 1st class. First period were suppose to have Math then English after that Spanish and Science after that we were suppose to have double Art. We found our lockers which were exactly next to each other and then we made our way to math class. The teacher told me and Ian to go sit next to a girl that looked like head cheerleader or something. I wasn't sure how this is going to go.. I never liked girly girls like that. When me and Ian sat down she turned our way and introduced herself 'Hi. My name is Adrianna, but everyone calls me Adree. I'm the head cheerleader.' Well.. she seemed nice hopefully I won't change my mind about that after this class. I didn't say anything like that out loud though I just smiled and said 'Nice to meet you. My name is Zoe and this is my bro Ian.' Adrianna wasn't the best mathematician but she sure was nice. She looked like everyone would imagine a cheerleader.. blond hair, blue eyes, skinny, about my height. After the class she introduced me to her best friend. While Adree was a cheerleader her friend looked like a soccer team captain, and she was. Her name was Nicole, she had shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes. Adrianna became my 'buddy' and showed me and Ian to our next class which was English. On the way to the next class I found out that Adrianna is almost in all of my classes except Spanish because she is taking Italian. In English we were reading Wuthering Heights. The class was almost finishing the book so me and Ian had lots of catching up to do. When the bell rang Ian said that he will go find us a spot in the cafeteria. I came out of the class, my hands full of papers and books plus my skateboard. I bumped into someone, I didn't know who it was. I knelt down to pick up my stuff. I heard the person say 'Sorry. I didn't see you' I looked up and saw the cutest guy that I've ever seen. He had dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. I smiled back and said 'It's ok'. He picked up most of my stuff and helped me up. 'I'm Alex, and this is Jake, Chris, JB and Jesse' I smiled and said 'Hey. I'm Zoe' in that minute my bro came hugged me and said 'Zoe where have you been? You didn't come so I came looking for you.' Me: 'I'm fine Ian. This is Alex, Jake, Chris, JB and Jesse' I pointed to the boys while introducing them. 'Guys this is my bro Ian.' All of them said 'Hey' at the same time. Alex was still holding my skateboard n some of my books. I said 'Well.. We'd better get going don't want to be late for the next class and still have to put this stuff in our lockers. See you around guys.' Alex smiled gave me the rest of my things and said ' See you.' Me and Ian found our lockers and somehow managed to get all of the books in them before the bell for the next class rang. After few minutes we were off to our next class. Somehow I survived till lunch. Me and my bro went to lunch with Adrianna. To my surprise I found Nicole, Alex, Jake, Chris, Jesse and JB all sitting at one table talking and laughing when we approached Alex looked over at me and smiled.

Alex's POV
I saw Zoe, Ian and Adrianna walking towards our table I looked at her. I couldn't help it but smile. Zoe was the pretties girl I've ever met and she was funny and smart too. When I talked to her I felt like I've known her my whole life. Damn, what is wrong with me? I've talked to her once and I already can't get her out of my head.

Zoe's POV
Lunch was really fun. I found out lots of things. In the lunch like Adrianna told me who's dating who's hating and who is crushing on someone else. Nicole has a huge crush on Chris since like forever while Adrianna likes Jake. While we were talking and laughing at lunch I noticed Jesse looking at Adree with those dreamy eyes. He was totally crushing on her I forced myself not to laugh out loud. After lunch me Ian and Adrianna went to art. While we were walking Adree said 'Oh My God Zoe. It's your first day and Alex is already totally crushing on you!!' I just looked at her with a shocked look on my face and said 'What on earth are you talking about? Alex is just a friend.' Adree just gave me that serious look and said ' Oh cmon Zoe. I've seen the way he looked at you. I know that look, he likes you.' I just said 'Eh... I don't know.. maybe.' But inside I was smiling my head off, I really liked Alex even though I don't really know him he seemed nice and he was cute. I loved the art class our teacher is way cool. I also found out that even though Adrianna is a cheerleader she is and artist too. It was time to go home. I found out that Adrianna lives right next door to me and Ian so all three of us walked home together. To my surprise Ian didn't really seem to mind hanging out with me and Adree. When we got to our street we exchanged phone numbers and I told Adrianna that I'll send her a text when we are going to be leaving for school tomorrow. We said bye and went home. First day of school wasn't that bad after all.. When I got home I said hi to my parents ate dinner and went upstairs to my room. I finished some of my homework. It was dark outside already Zoe looked up and saw millions of stars and the moon on the dark night sky. She remembered the color of Alex's eyes, they were as dark and deep as the sky right now. She heard her phone ring when she picked up to her surprise she heard....

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