All That We Needed

People always pay attention to the 'person of there dreams' they never take the time to look around and look at others. Tayoshi finds out that she doesn't love 'the person of her dreams,' after many years.

Chapter 4

The Traveling Duet

Recap on All That We Needed

I stood up and bowed before Pain-sama and Konan-san. "We will do our best to retain the serects of the Hidden Leaf."

Pain nodded his head and carefully watched us exit his office.

As soon as Itachi slammed the door I exhaled my breath. "Do you think we can really fool the Leaf Villgers" I asked as Itachi and I walked throught the dark corridors together.

"I don't think so, they hold grudges agianst the Akatsuki" Itachi spoke. His voice was dull and soft.

I nodded slowly and started to space out a bit, "You okay, we barely made it out the base and you're stumbling on top of Konan-san's tables." Itachi rolled his eyes and held my waist for support.

It felt good, Itachi's hands fitted my waist perfectly. I quickly shook that thought out of my head and stood still. "Yeah, I just spaced out that's all"

"Well keep your mind on track, I don't want you to space out in battle." Itachi chuckled. He grabbed his back pack and threw it on his back before opening the door that led to the outside world of the Akatsuki's base.

The road that led us to the Hidden Leaf the quickest way was to cut through the Forest of Dead Trees and walk through Tenchi Bridge. It would probably take us a week if try to slice the time in half.

Three Hours Later

I watched as Itachi stare at the beautiful cloudy sky. His hair was in his famous loose ponytail and it swayed in a hypnotic motion. His blood red eyes glisten in the sunlight. It was a beautiful sight. Hot liquid was running down my face. I was having another nose bleed.

"Like what you see." Uchiha-sama chukled.

"Yeah. I guess" My face was turning into twenty diffrent colors of red.

"Oh. So you wanna rest now. You seem a bit dehydrated." Itachi sighed. He handed me a bottle of water and took out his umbrella.

"No. I'm fine" I said between sips.

Eventually we did end up stopping for a break. We took a thirty minute break underneath a Sakura tree. We were nearing the Hidden Leaf quickly, unless that bastard was using his Sharringan to fool me.

"Uchiha-sama, are you using a genjustu on me" I asked.

"Yes." His reply was cold and still

"Where are we now" I sneered. I could feel Itachi realeasing his genjutsu on me.

"We just left one of Orchimaru's used bases. I'm glad you asked later about my genjutsu it was a horrid sight to see all those incapitated prisoners." Itachi sighed.

He relased me from my genjustu and headed south for the Forest of Dead Trees. The sun beated on my skin as we walked towards the middle of the field. I quickly clung onto Itachi arm waiting for the vultures to eat me alive.

"I am offically ready to die." I screamed

"Hn. You're such a Drama Queen." Uchiha-sama sighed.

"I am not" My voice was haughty and hoarse. I was getting dehydrated.

"Hn." Was his only reply.

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