All That We Needed

People always pay attention to the 'person of there dreams' they never take the time to look around and look at others. Tayoshi finds out that she doesn't love 'the person of her dreams,' after many years.

Chapter 3


Recap on All That We Needed

He tore the picture from my scrapbook and let his mouthes chew it. I stared at him and grabbed his hand. I pryed it open and stuck my tounge in his mouth.

"T-Tayoshi-san! Stop it!" Deidara screamed. He jerked his hand away from me and looked at me.

"What are you, a canniable" Deidara shouted. Itachi peeked his head in the kitchen to see if Zetsu was going to eat Deidara alive, but to his surprise his lover is being screamed at by a obnoxious blonde.

"No. I-I just really like you" I whimpered as I watched Deidara cringed, as he back away from me.

"Well look here. I don't like you. I love Sasori no Danna"

I started to stare at the lone piece of glass that was left on Tobi's bed. It was so shiny and sharp it was screaming touch me! Touch me! I knew it was wrong to cut myself but I knew at the same time it could relinquish the pain that was built up inside of me.


Blood slowly trickled to the floor as the glass dug into my skin. The pain burning inside was finally dying. It was like everything was fading. I slowly walked towards my nightstand and wrapped the sticky white gouge around my wrist. It was something I wasn't used to. Quickly but gently, I tossed my dull Akatsuki cloak on my bed.

I stared at myself, my ink blue hair was in a high spiky pony tail and my eyes were blood red yet my pupils were black. I stared at my clothes. Gouges hid my tattoed arms from the specators and my dark blue vest covered some parts of my breast. (It had stopped below my navel.) Then came the dark blue kimono pants. Three fourths of my pants had a huge slit on both sides. The only thing that held up my pants was a black ribbon that hung their tightly.

I smiled at myself before adjusting the scroll placed on my lower body on my back and my favorite dark blue shin guards that started to my knee cap and end to my ankles. The figure that was embbed on my shin guard was a cat that was protected my knee caps. I slid on my blue sandals and stare at myself one more time.

"Perfect" It rolled out of my tounge like it was a diffrent language to me.

Tobi barged into our room with a scroll in his hand, "Pain-sama told Tobi to tell you to go to Pain-sama's office"

I nodded slowly and walked off into the dark corridors.


As I entered Pain's office, I saw Itachi standing in the corner by himself. I closed the door behind me and stood in my spot before he motion Itachi and I to sit down. Pain's eyes were glassy and sullen, and his demeanor was rough. I could tell Konan had a hard time working with him.

"I have a specail mission for you two" Pain-sama said as he folded his hand.

His orange hair blew effortlessly as Konan-san open the window for fresh air. She stood next to him by his side listening to every detail that was spoken from Pain-sama's lips. Sometime I wonder if Konan-san read into his words too much and try to decipher something that was spoken in plain english.

"A specail mission" Itachi sighed. He was dressed in a regular ninja's attire. This mission was quite specail if Itachi was dressed in commoners clothing.

"Yes, it is a recon and spy mission, the details are in this scroll" Pain-sama threw the scroll at me before glancing at Konan-san.

I untied the scroll and read it before passing it to Uchiha-sama. "So baiscally you want us to go back to the Hidden Leaf Village to find out their plans while putting on a facade saying that we ditch the Akatsuki" I sighed.

Pain smiled before answering my statement, "Yeah. You got a problem with that"

"N-No sir." I bowed my head respect along with Itachi.

"My annoying little brother will be scearching for me their." Itachi sighed before getting up.

I stood up and bowed before Pain-sama and Konan-san. "We will do our best to retain the serects of the Hidden Leaf."

Pain nodded his head and carefully watched us exit his office.

As soon as Itachi slammed the door I exhaled my breath. "Do you think we can really fool the Leaf Villgers" I asked as Itachi and I walked throught the dark corridors together.

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