All That We Needed

People always pay attention to the 'person of there dreams' they never take the time to look around and look at others. Tayoshi finds out that she doesn't love 'the person of her dreams,' after many years.

Chapter 2

It burns! Please take the pain away!

Recap on All That We Needed

Deidara gasped as he notice a scar on my nose, "T-Tayoshi. Who did this to you"

I tried to cover it up but Deidara kept his hand on mines. Damn it. I was melting by the sense of his touch. "Dei- I mean Deidara. It's nothing to worry about. I'm a fast healer"

I watch Deidara stare at me, his soft ocean blue eye turn hard and cold. I knew then he was upset. "Damn it un. Why do you let that bastard hit on you. You don't deserve this type of treatment"

With that he left the room making me dizzy by his presence.


His pillows smell of sand, wood and Sasori. An exquisite aroma invaded his nostril as he tenderly hugged his partner's pillow, wanting to simply remember his essence. The room seemed so vacant when his blue eyes carefully scanned it.

What was taking him so long?

Akatsuki was composed of team of two, so why did Sasori go alone? It made no sense to Deidara. Wasn't he a good partner? Maybe they argued a bit too much when it came to art, but that was natural. They were artist after all.

No two arts are the same.

"Danna..." he whispered to himself. Deidara still held the white pillow tight in his arms as if it was his Danna and as he whispered to himself, he fell backwards on the bed and just daydreamed. Beautiful memories came to his mind. His heart beat accelerated. Deidara knew he loved his Danna.

His love is pure.

"What's taking you so long?" He asked. Sasori was supposed to do fast work. If they had sent him alone it meant that it was an easy job and that he should had returned as soon as possible. But a week has passed and Deidara hadn't even gotten a good feeling about the situation. Why would leader-sama send him in such a mission if it was too hard? Or had he perhaps underestimated the enemy?

Sasori could be gone.

Deidara closed his eyes and tried to remember how warm Sasori felt. The difference between a regular puppet and a human puppet is how the puppet becomes warm when it has a human soul.

Chills were sent through his spine as he felt a warm breath in his neck. His eyes instantly shot open and he immediately saw his love, his Danna. "Sasori-Danna," He whispered. He looked into his chocolate eyes and smiled. "I thought you were dead," Deidara commented with a smile.

"I will never die," He said in his cold voice. They just stayed in bed looking at each other for a while. Deidara was hiding his mouth behind the white pillow and Sasori simply had that nonchalant face. He suddenly smirked and looked into Deidara's blue eyes. "What are you doing in my bed with my pillow on your face?"

His cheeks became red and hot."I'm sorry," he said and quickly ran to his bed, leaving the pillow behind. Deidara threw his slim body into his dark sheeted bed looking on the opposite direction. He also closed his eyes and smiled, but didn't want Sasori to notice how happy he was to see him alive and safe.

"Don't be such a girl Deidara," He heard Sasori say. "I missed you too..."

But those romantic days were long and gone, Deidara stared at Tayoshi as she flipped through the pages of her scrapbook.

Deidara scooted over to my side and peered at the pictures of random people. "Who's that un" Deidara pointed at one of the photo.

It was a pink haired girl who was smiling at the photo, her short ragged hair flow effortlessly as she smiled. Next to her was a blonde haired boy who looked like he had cat like whiskers, held the pink haired girl waist and gave a thumbs up sign at the photo.

I chuckled as Deidara kept glaring at the photo, "Those are my ex-comrades. Naruto and Sakura" I laughed. Deidara stared at the picture one more time.

"Wait a minute! Un! I know those two! Those people killed my Danna-sama" He yelled.

He tore the picture from my scrapbook and let his mouthes chew it. I stared at him and grabbed his hand. I pryed it open and stuck my tounge in his mouth.

"T-Tayoshi-san! Stop it!" Deidara screamed. He jerked his hand away from me and looked at me.

"What are you, a canniable" Deidara shouted. Itachi peeked his head in the kitchen to see if Zetsu was going to eat Deidara alive, but to his surprise his lover is being screamed at by a obnoxious blonde.

"No. I-I just really like you" I whimpered as I watched Deidara cringed, as he back away from me.

"Well look here. I don't like you. I love Sasori no Danna"

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