All That We Needed

People always pay attention to the 'person of there dreams' they never take the time to look around and look at others. Tayoshi finds out that she doesn't love 'the person of her dreams,' after many years.

Chapter 1

What more can I say? I love him.

What more can I say? I love him.

Maybe it's the way his blonde hair moves as he walks while his hips glide, side to side. Or just his weird talking mania, it looked so sexy on him, I admit. All I know is that every time those icy blue eyes were set on me I couldn't resist. They were so piercing and beautiful.

"Tayoshi-san," his voice would call and I would melt. Calling my name like that, I wished he would actually scream it in bliss.

But those are just fantasies, not reality. Deidara doesn't love me and he never will.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally, me, Kakuzu, and Hidan finished another mission. I was really thrilled to get back and get some sleep. As I enter our place alone, Kakuzu is going to turn in the bounty so he can get more money for the Akatsuki, you know what leader says, tailed beasts + money = peace, I noticed the place was particularly quite.

Let me guide you into the Akatsuki residence first. It has a huge green front yard to start with and the front is white with a big wooden door, which makes it look very high class yet average, which is basically to distract our enemies, it really doesn't look like our hideout. Well, once you enter there is a huge hall. To the left there is a big living room and adjoined with it it's a fancy dining room. To the right we have our basement or storage might as well say, since we don't have cars or carriages. Next we have stairs that lead to the bedroom which we share in couples but we will go there later.

If you continued down the hall, you would find another living room which is the one we frequent the most and after that the backyard. If you go to the left before the living room, you will find the hall goes on till you run into Zetsu's room. Zetsu's room is the only room downstairs since he's really anti-people so he prefers to be alone. If you go to the right there is the kitchen followed by a small dining room and then there's our prisoner's room, which is the room we keep our hostages.

The second floor was pretty normal. To the right you had mine and Tobi's room and next to it was our bathroom, we were the only ones with bathroom outside. Next to ours was Itachi's and Kisame's, and then came Pein and Konan's which is the biggest room, since it includes an office and a living room of their own. Across from our room was Hidan and Kakuzu room, you could hear them fighting everyday and every night. Finally we had Deidara's and Sasori's room, which was now just Deidara's since Sasori was long gone. You can hear Deidara cry and scream his name from time to time, which is awful. I wish he loved me as much as he loved that puppet boy.

Anyway, enough architecture for now, I walked up to my room and instantly threw myself in bed without even closing the door. No one seemed to be around so I'm guessing they wouldn't mind. But I was wrong. I hear a door opening and then closing, but I didn't move. It was probably just Itachi or Kisame.

"Who's there, un?" I heard Deidara say.

I didn't move. That's the kind of effect he has on me and I curse Sasori-sama everyday for not making him mine. I love Deidara. I want him.

He walks into my room, but I pretend I haven't noticed. Why? Don't know. "Where's Tobi?" he asks.

And he asks for Tobi. Strange I thought he hated the man guts. "He went to bother Hidan-sama," I answered as I sat up. "Where's everyone?"

"Mission," he answered as he sat on Tobi's bed. "Even leader and Konan-san are out."

I nodded slowly. He was just sitting there looking at me when I noticed it. "Where you crying?"

He quickly used his left hand to clean his eyes. "No."

"Hn. You must really miss him" I sigh reluctantly. I notice my lips quivering but I try to stop it.

Deidara gasped as he notice a scar on my nose, "T-Tayoshi. Who did this to you"

I tried to cover it up but Deidara kept his hand on mines. Damn it. I was melting by the sense of his touch. "Dei- I mean Deidara. It's nothing to worry about. I'm a fast healer"

I watch Deidara stare at me, his soft ocean blue eye turn hard and cold. I knew then he was upset. "Damn it un. Why do you let that bastard hit on you. You don't deserve this type of treatment"

With that he left the room making me dizzy by his presence.

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