Even Twins Have Their Differences: A Marauders' Era Fanfic

So, writingfanatic and I are doing this together. Hope y'all like it.

Chapter 2

The Train Compartment

Emmaline Fenwick had never been more excited for the beginning of the year.
Not only was she going to pummel the Quidditch Pitch, but she would be a fifth year.

Everyone knew that fifth years were the group of students who got the most attention. Who were on the list for the amazing pranks they pulled.

And this year, Emmaline was going to be at the top of the list.

She spent all Summer brainstorming schemes and writing them down. That was one of the two notebooks that sat beside her in the train compartment.

The other one, of course, were her letters.

"What tricks do you have up your sleeve this year?" asked James Potter, regarding the humourus glint in her eye. He happened to be sitting in the seat across from Emmaline.

"You'll see," she replied, lost in thought, and they lapsed into silence. Unusual for James.

"Emmaline..." Potter trailed off, and she quirked her eyebrow.

"Yes?" she inquired.

"How do I... how do I impress a girl?"

Emmaline burst into laughter. "I'd never thought I'd see the day where James Potter asked for advice. On a girl at that!"

James glowered. "Laugh it up, Fenwick."

When Emmaline calmed down, she regarded James curiously, surprised at the serious tone in his voice.

"And what girl might this be, Potter?"

He hesitated.

"Oh, tell me. If you want me to help you, you must spit it out!"

"Lily. Lily Evans."

It was really no surprise.

Emmaline supressed her sigh. "Well, try being nice to her."

James shook his head vigourosly. "That isn't going to work in the slightest bit. She won't acknowledge me in that case."

"If that's what you think," she replied, knowing he was wrong in every sense. "I'm going to go check up on my sister."

Though Emmaline was lying.

It was an excuse to escape.

Emmaline sat down in the empty compartment, watching the rain patter against the windows. She had always been fascinated with rain, and loved the deep aroma that filled the air afterwards.

A bit odd, really.

She pulled her notebook out of her bag, staring at it deeply in her hands.
After a brief moment, she put it back in her bag.

She was suppressing the impulse to write. It had always come easily to her, but she wanted to stop. Once her words were down on paper, they were public.

Anyone could read them.

But she had to let out her feelings.

Emmaline removed the notebook from her bag, along with a quil and ink which she managed to precariously balance on the window sill.

She dipped her ink and her thoughts flew onto the paper.

Dear James Potter,

I wish you would understand. I wish you would realize. But you don't. And I doubt you ever will. And I feel so helpless to keep wishing but to never be able to change the truth. I feel so lost without someone to guide me. I feel so lonely never getting what I've been dreaming of. I happen to be thinking a lot under the August sky. And I've decided it. I just wish it wasn't true. Though, wishing is hopeless. What I want is hopeless.


"Remus!" she exclaimed, jumping up and hugging him. Shutting the diary and hiding it from view, though she knew Remus wasn't the type to prod into other people's buisness.

Emmaline and Remus had been friends for as long as they had been in Hogwarts, and they were the best balance of friendship. Emmaline was quiet and thoughtful in the was that Remus was, but she was also troublesome, which showed they did not have too much in common.

Nevertheless, they were close.

"How was your Summer?" he asked, regarding her appearence.

Emmaline hadn't spent too much time on her appearence, she was too excited and restless.

"It was okay. You know what it's like living with my sister," she replied, but felt he didn't.

Emmaline thought of sister as perfect. Amazing.

Remus chucked. "How was yours?" Emmaline added, and Remus shrugged, though she could tell it had been a rough one.

Remus was haggard looking, his hair falling in his face and dark circles under her eyes.

Some days he appeared like that, and Emmaline had always wished she culd take away some of that suffering deep inside of him.

Oh yes, he was suffering. He was just too humble to show it.

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