Even Twins Have Their Differences: A Marauders' Era Fanfic

So, writingfanatic and I are doing this together. Hope y'all like it.

Chapter 1


Adrianna Fenwick was in a hurry. She and her twin would be returning to Hogwarts in a few days and she'd yet to pack her trunk. Her robes were all laundered and her books stacked nearly off to the side, but she couldn't bring herself to put them inside the trunk itself.

Sighing, she twisted her long tangle of blond hair into a bun atop her head and pinned it in place with a couple of jewelled hairpins. She pulled several Ravenclaw banners off her wall, rolling them up so they would fit in her trunk. She did the same with her Hobgoblins' poster and the poster of Puddlemere United her sister, Emmaline, had gotten her for their birthday.

She stacked the books in her trunk first, pushing her glasses up on her nose as she did so. Her robes followed. She shoved a set in her messanger bag as an afterthought; it was always a pain to dig through your trunk on the train. The posters and banners were next, placed carefully so they wouldn't get squished. Her potions kit was maticulously organized and placed in her trunk, inside her cauldron.

"Am I forgetting something?" she asked the empty room.

"Not that I can see," her reflection responded from the enchanted mirron near her closet, it's green gaze sweeping the room.

"Thanks," she muttered, blowing some strands of hair from her face.

"It's nothing."

Adrianna glanced around her room quickly before heading across the hall to where Emmaline was supposed to be packing her trunk. She knocked quietly on the door.

"Em? You there?"

"Hey, Adri. Come on in," Emmaline called.

Adrianna pushed the door open. Her sister sat on her bed, polishing her broomstick handle, long blonde hair pulled into a slick ponytail. Adrianna always felt as though she was staring at a betterlooking version of herself when she saw her sister. Emmaline's green eyes were bright, as though someone had pressed emeralds into her eyesockets, while Adrianna's were the color of moss, and she was slender, where Adrianna's time spent in the library showed in her curvy figure.

"Have you finished packing yet?" she asked, leaning on the door frame.

"Yeah. My trunk's over there."

Adrianna glanced at the open trunk in the middle of the floor. "Aren't you going to stick your broomstick in there sometime today?"

"After I finish polishing it."

"Is Hufflepuff planning on taking the House Cup this year? Last year you all were left in the dust by Gryffindor."

"Is it my fault that James Potter managed to catch the Snitch in the last match of the year?"

"No, not really. I blame Lockhart. If the git would stop worrying about his looks, Potter wouldn't have managed to steal it from in front of his nose."

"Speaking of Quidditch, have you heard from Ludo?"

Adrianna laughed. "No. Not since he signed on with the Wimbourne Wasps. I don't really expect to, either."


"He's got more important things to occupy his time than a girl who's not even taken her OWLs."

"Aww. He'll write soon. I can feel it."

"Thanks, sis. Finish polishing your broom. I'm gonna... find something to do."

Adrianna wander back to her bedroom and glanced at the letter she'd started writing to Ludo Bagman three weeks ago. He'd been the only person outside of Ravenclaw and her sister whom she could talk to, never mind the fact that he had been a Gryffindor.

The next few days passed quickly. Adrianna holed up in her room, trying to finish the letter to Ludo, though she'd probably never send it. How could she say everything that she wanted to and not seem like a clinging vine?

The morning of the first September dawned, and Ardianna woke early to hear the clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen. Mum must be up, she thought, grabbing the black skirt and dark purple top she'd laid out the night before off of her desk. A quick shower later, she headed downstairs.

"Good morning, Mum," she said, grabbing a plate and scooping some eggs onto it.

"Good morning, dear. Is your sister up?"

"Not sure."

Her mother smiled. "Eat your eggs and I'll go see. We don't want to be running late this morning. This year is an important one for you two."

"Yeah. OWLs are this year."

Mum wandered out of the kitchen with a smile. Adrianna ate her eggs in silence, thinking about how many of her friends she wouldn't see this term. She'd been the oddball, even for a Ravenclaw, prefering to spend time with those older than herself.

Emmaline entered the kitchen after a few moments, their mother behind her.

"Good morning," Em said, skipping over to the stove.

"Why are you so perky this morning?" Adrianna asked, standing to rinse her plate.

"We're going back to Hogwarts! Why wouldn't I be happy?"

Adrianna smiled. "Maybe because it's not even noon yet?"

"Oh, shut up."

"Emmaline, hurry up and eat. We need to be going if you're planning on making the train."

Platform nine and three quarters was packed with students, both newcomers and returning students. Adrianna pushed her trolley up the platform, looking for the Prefects compartment. Along the way, she spotted Lily Evans, Potter and his band of ruffians, including Remus Lupin, and Frank Longbottom.

She wasn't paying attention when she was bumped into by someone. "Oh, excuse me," she said.

"It's no problem, Adrianna," Gilderoy Lockhart said, flashing a smile.

"Lockhart. If you'll excuse me, I need to get to find..."

"Oh, of course. You're a Prefect. Congatulations. Maybe you'll agree to go out with me this year."

"Lockhart, you're a fourth year and a very popular Quidditch player. I, however, am a fifth year, a Prefect, and much more intelligent than you seem to be. If it's your life's ambition to be the Sirius Black of Ravenclaw, then feel free. I will not be one of your girlfriends, though, ever."

"You'll agree to go out with me sometime!" he said, turning and walking away.

"I doubt that the lady will agree to that," a very familiar voice said.

Adrianna glanced to her side to see Ludo approaching. "Ludovic Bagman, I didn't think I'd be seeing you again, outside a Quidditch pitch."

"Why, I could hardly miss seeing you off, darling. We are friends, aren't we?"

"I was starting to doubt that. You didn't write me this summer."

"Oh, Adri, don't do that to me," he said, pretending to pout. "I was busy and every time I sat down to send an owl to you, I couldn't find the words."

She sighed and hugged her friend. "Ludo, I did the same thing. I spent the entire summer writing one letter."

He laughed and leaned in to kiss her cheek. "I've missed you, Adrianna. I promise I'll write while you are at school."

"I'll try to write to you, too."

"Now, go get on the train."

She laughed, tears clouding her eyes. "Bye, Ludo."

She stuck her trunk on the train and climbed on, pulling it into the compartment.

"Maybe I'll come visit!" he called from the platform.

"I'll hold you to that!"

His laughter faded as the train began to move. Adrianna didn't feel so alone suddenly. Maybe this year won't be so bad.

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