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Chapter 1

My demon rages tonight

Everything has gone amiss,
My life has changed,
My dreams have fade,
I stare solely into blackness,
The moon has changed,
The stars have fade,
I'm running to the only light,
It calls to me,
It taunts its glee,
I fall and cry as I fight,
My eyes teary,
I know no glee,
I stare behind my rigid path,
Ghosts that follow,
All my sorrow,
I stare into my demon's rath,
It's heart so hollow,
Brings no tomorrow,
I get back up and break back down,
I fear my death,
To lose my breath,
I remember my haunting town,
Lust and meth,
Odoured blood and sweat,
Nothing good remains in me,
I have no hope,
I cannot cope,
I'm my own demon, can't you see?
My heart I scope,
I moan and mope,
My life remains and fall apart,
It's my time,
What's yours is mine,
You've broken this; my stilted heart,
You've crossed the line,
My love is fine,
You're the reason I am this way,
Haunted, taunted,
My dreams ever flaunted,
You're the enemy, and you must pay,
Your face has daunted,
I've got it sorted,
I keep running to your adobe,
To take your life,
Upon this knife,
I break through and catch your robe,
To wrong this right,
You'll die this night,
I raise my hand into the air,
I hear you scream,
I smile and teem,
And lower it without a care,
Into eternal dreams,
You're hell has freezed,
Im covered by your blood and sin,
I regret it not,
My vengence saught,
My demon, he has come in,
It's anger hot,
It's fight is faught,
I run back out ur open door,
Im dripping wet,
Its not over yet,
Death by heartbreak, tis not a chore,
You shouldn't have let,
In this pet,
I used to love you, I used to be blind,
You're kindness taken,
To be raked in,
But now I see your filth and lies,
Its my new win,
Your hate laid in,
I escape in the calming night,
It whispers kindly,
Right beside me,
I have no use of unused light,
My demon, yes he's,
My one and only,
To serve and praise his command,
To hear him ring,
This is HIS only land,
I hear him sing,
My only king.

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