Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

An eevee love story.

Chapter 3

Moon and Ice, an Eevee Love Story Pt.3 {The First Day, The First Meet}

"Is it really that simple?" Icy asked Coal. He nodded. "Well, if you say so." Icy said shrugging.
Icy walked over to the frost covered rock and touched it. She glowed a light blue color, Coal shielded his eyes. When he uncovered them he saw a glaceon standing in front of him.
"You evolved! Congrats!" he said happily and proud he had led her there.
"Ah, this is cool." Icy said looking over her light blue and dark blue body.
"Idea!" Coal said smiling, "I am going to go train and evolve! After all, I'm SUPER powerful against ice type." he winked, "Be right back." Icy watched him leave.
She laughed softly and ran joyfull into a field. "I hope you're proud of me dad." she thought silently.
Icy was pelted by a ball of darkness across the field and landed painfull on her side in the snow. She opened her eyes halfway and saw an umbreon running towards her. "St-stay away from me!"
"Faint attack!"
He dissapeared for a moment then attacked Icy unseen. Icy stood up, she had a cut on her face where he had hit her, it was bleeding now. She had to do something.
The wind strengthened and the snow around them lifted and swarmed everywhere, making it impossible to see.
"Hey! Where did you go glaceon??" the umbreon shouted furiously. Icy took her chance to run away.
She ran for a while before she got tired. She went to the nearest tree with a hollow base, she went into the little den and curled up tiredly.
She closed her eyes, ready for sleep. Before the sleep took over, she thought of her first day as a glaceon.
I wonder what his name was...

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