Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

An eevee love story.

Chapter 2

Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story {Part 2: The New Start}

Eevee ran by instinct to her father.
"Dad!!" tears flowed by their own will. Eevee tried to keep them from landing on her father's stilll face.
"Icy..." Flare mumbled.
Eevee's eyes lit up, "Icy? Dad are you okay?"
There was no answer.
"Dad!" Eevee shook her dad's now cold body.
A few hours later...
Eevee looked over her shoulder at the two graves and wiped her face with the baack of her paw. She smiled at the sky and was off.
A few minutes later...
"I think I'm lost..." Eevee thought to herself. She rounded the next bend in the forest and fell onto her back. "Oof!"
"Oh! Sorry there!" a male charmander helped her up.
"It's okay." she told himas she dusted herself off.
"I'm Coal. What's your name?" he smiled at her nicely.
" I'm.... Icy." Eevee remembered that it was law that an eevee's parents are the ones who name them. Flare's last words were Icy so that must've been the name he chose.
"Training to be a glaceon huh?" Coal said, pulling Icy out of her day dream.
"Uh, sure." Icy said half listening.
"I know where Ice Rock is! Come on follow me!" he smiled and ran ahead. Icy blinked and then ranafter him yelling for him to slow down.
It was quite a while before they reached Ice Rock. But still Coal managedto get them there safely. "This is it," hetold Icy happily," all you have to do is touch it."
Icy looked from the rock to Coal, "Really?" Coal nodded. "Well if you say so..."
Icy went up to Ice Rock and tapped it.

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