Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

An eevee love story.

Chapter 11

Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story {Epilouge - Afterwards}

1 year later.....

The sun glared in through the cracks in the rushing waterfall at the cave entrance. Icy blinked open her bright blue eyes and looked around. Where were the kids? She stood up suddenly and looked everywhere in the cave. "Dusk!" she said poking his black side. He mumbled under his breath, still asleep. "Dusk, get up! The kids are gone!" she practically shouted with her grief.
Dusk's eyes flew open at her words as he stood up as well. "Have you checked everywhere in the cave?" he asked her, Icy nodded. Dusk's dark red eyes clouded with worry.

"You can run faster than that!" Shock shouted behind him. His brother Flare was running after him. "Slow down and I bet I'll do better!" he shouted ahead to him.
Shock burst through the bushes and ran into someone.
He looked up at the huge twolegged thing in front of him that seemed toglare down at him. Then Flare burst out of the bushes and laned on his brother, "Gotcha!" he said happily.
The twolegged thing looked at the two twin eevees curiously then smiled happily. He took a round red and white ball and pointed it at them.
"Dark Pulse!"
"Flare! Shock!" Icy shouted, running up to them as the human was hit with the two's father's attack.
"M-mum!" Shock said.
"Oh Mummy! I was so scared!!" Flare shouted, stumbling over his own feet in his rush to Icy's side.
Shock rolled his eyes. He honestly never knew exactly how it was that he was actually related to this crybaby.
There was a bright flash and a vulpix appeared in front of the human. "Vupix use Ember!" the human ordered. The vulpix intantly obeyed and their father was wrapped in a mist of dancing flames. Icy used Powder Snow on the vulpix, her strongest move of all. The vulpix was hurt but not too damaged. She looked at it with disbelief.
"Run!" Dusk shouted turning and rushing into the bushes, he looked to have the dancing flames still on his body. Icy instantly follwed her mate and so did Flare. But as Shock was about to run a huge flash came around his entire body.
He was then asleep for some reason as the pokeball clicked shut.

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