Ok, some of you might have read my thing of the Prologue for this and I said it would not be a continued story on here in case of Copyright. Well, I decided if anyone does do that I'm am 100% capable of getting them caught in the ;D. So here is the story and the revised, rewritten version of the Prologue Don't mind the name if it sounds kinda silly; my friend picked it. Hope you like it!!! Comment and Rate truthfully!!!!! Oh and if it sounds bad dont reject it plz i edit ALOT!!!! :))

Chapter 1


by: Nessie_
Responsibility, it's like a heavy weight strapped to our backs to carry up a mountain and we all have it. Some try to abandon that responsibility and are stuck sitting at the bottom of the mountain with it still strapped to their backs, enjoying the relaxation of not climbing; but someday, they will get bored with sitting there and realize they were wrong for giving up. And when they start climbing again, its even harder than the first time. From the poorest family to the richest, we all try to make it our way up the endless climb to the top, but no one has or ever will succeed. For responsibility is not something you can concur over time; it's something you have to learn to deal and live with for the rest of your life because, even though you may lose the responsibility over something, you will always have another responsibility to replace the last. You can have the responsibility to support a family as a father or mother or an entire kingdom as a king or queen, but it will always be there.
But what if you are given a responsibility, one given at birth, a responsibility that would destroy the world? Then, when you just about to get that heavy weight of that one responsibility off your tired shoulders and gain another, you find a way out; should you take it? There is a job needed to be done that will hurt so many people, but make others lives better than imaginable. If you complete it, you will be responsible for destroying lives, but also creating better lives for others, is that a good thing... or a bad? Is it better to make their lives extraordinary, but destroy others, or abandon them and save others without them even knowing it?
Is it OK to take the window when the door is locked? Is it OK to abandon your responsibility for the sake of others?

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