The Beginning of RainClan (A Warrior Cats Story)

The Beginning of RainClan (A Warrior Cats Story)

Main Characters: Jaggedheart and Starkit.
Jaggedheart's Fur: Black-and-brown with white paws.
Jaggedheart's Eyes: Sorrow-filled dark blue.
Starkit's Fur: Silver with black ears, black paws, a black tail-tip, and black flecks all over.
Starkit's Eyes: Light blue with dark blue flecks.

Chapter 1

Stupid Thing at the Top Won't Let me Finish, so I'm typing it here.

Their history: Jaggedheart's parents are Tigerstar and Sasha. When Tadpole (read Sasha and Tigerstar Manga) died, Jaggedheart ran away and became a rogue. She grew up and met Stone, another rogue. They both fell in love, and had one litter with one kit; Starkit was born. Sadly, as soon as Starkit was old enough to walk, Tigerstar found them. Angry at Stone, Tigerstar murdered him. Jaggedheart managed to get away with Starkit, and Tigerstar never found them before he died. All the Clans hate Jaggedheart and Starkit because of their parents/grandparents. Starkit is hyper, happy, and easily freaked out by sudden movements. Jaggedheart is strong, fast, a good swimmer, and sad because of Stone's death.

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