Marauder Charms (a love story)

Marauder Charms (a love story)

Monique Tyler was just your average girl, that was until she turned eleven and her life was thrown in a blender hit mix and then attacked by well something. The point is her life was never the same since, she is a witch after all maybe a little different than your average one as well. The other thing that makes her life a little hectic her choice in company a couple of guys calling themselves the Marauders.

Chapter 85

Somehow you make it to the end

Ok so for a heads up, I’m pretty sure this is the finale chapter. Yes an end to my ramblings on I know what a relief right. Well unless you want a sequel which knowing me would be fairly huge, I guess tell me your thoughts at the end of this chapter. I take this time to thank you J.K Rowling for making up the Marauders and well the rest of the magical world

A hell of a lot of months had passed now and it was officially the end of the year. Yes that means I’d passed my newts, enough for an Auror as well so now chance of getting out of that and I sure didn’t want to. Though I think may supreme clumsiness might give me a little hell, gravity just keeps getting in the way.
So right now I was standing in front of a full length mirror in a knee length light and bright blue dress that was kind of lacey with a black bow around it. ( My hair sitting in light curls at my shoulders refusing to change into any colour that wasn’t fire truck red, Lily was next to me. Who had eventually decided to tell me –well I kind of guessed- that she was now dating James. This caused a lot of fun attacks for our amusement and her embarrassment, so yes that does include the time he gave her promise ring –mine happily sitting in the black lake.
Lily and I were sitting in the great hall for breakfast one morning when all these whit I think they were paper doves came down around her one in particular held a small box in it. Opening it up sat a small promise ring (quite popular lately) she started to laugh which made me join in. That was when James entered, he was smiling like a dork and she and I like I said laughing like loons. Though she accepted the ring, only to see that was sure as hell not going to be her only surprise from him.
The next big thing they had was when her sister Petunia got engaged. Call me a bad person but I honestly had no idea how that chick was engaged, well until I saw her future groom. James being James made a bit of an arse out of himself, not intentionally of course but well. Vernon I think his name was did ask him what car he drove and James well he described his racing broom.
I smiled at the memories, after Stacy left this year kept getting better. Until I tried to give James a haircut. That is something no one should ever let me do again!
Is that a smile I see, is she happy to look like this?” Lily asked me acting like she was shocked. She knew me now well enough to know I happened to like dresses now, insane I know two years ago I’d tell you ‘you were mental’ and leave now., not so much.
A lot had changed. The biggest my love life. With the whole Stacy thing came the congratulations she shagged a teacher. That however did have the upside of him getting fired, I did get a detention for kissing him that one time in the Hospital Wing which I found a little unfair but I had a good debate with Dumbly over it.
Then came Sirius who remand my strange twisted now best friend, since we did snog a few times calling him a brother became weird. James was of course a bit of a double standard, like always.
Last but not least Remus Lupin. The werewolf I’d been kind of love struck with since the time I fell on his lap in first year, before I even reached the castle actually. A lot of good memories none of which needed to go to waste. I loved him with basically any part of me that could love and some that couldn’t fingernails do matter okay. So yes we did get back –back back back- together, probably only to do something stupid and mess that all up again, but who knows.

But back to the dance, I finally talked Lily into wearing something that did show of a little but without looking like a complete skunk (a) Though what she wore ( ) didn’t exactly compare to what half the girls there did. Apparently in their minds being seventeen few eighteen gave you licence to look like aprostitute though I wore things similar in the freaking tri-wizard tournament. What was with that anyway, it’s not like I was supposed to be ahooker*? Right?
Off topic again my mind was just everywhere today. Every seventh years was though, this was our last night at Hogwarts. And it was brilliant.
There were fairy lights on the ceiling of the Great Hall or were they just fairies? The place had been once again completely redone and looked like some kind of explosion of well something that came from my mind and Hollywood went everywhere. Mostly the place was silver, gold, bronze and black. Wonder what that meant.
“There are the guys,” Lily said pointing at three tall guys and one short one all dressed in a way that made each look more dashing than the next. As if on cue Remus looked over.
“I love how you’re pointing them out to me now,” I said to her as we made our way over to the guys. Sirius like an idiot just had on a dress shirt tie and braces with black converse. Reminding me off the conversation Lily and I had earlier about why I should wear heels and not sneakers. Long story short she one.
She laughed. James immediately led her off to the dance floor when we reached them. I decided to ignore Sirius and Remus and grabbed Peter’s hand and began to waltz with him. It took him by surprise and since neither of us could really dance I was sure it was an amusing sight. The fact that we were out there for a fairly short amount of time before Sirius cut in supported that theory.
I think I’d pretty much had a go with dancing with almost everyone here when I finally went over to where James and Lily were, asking as politely as possible if I could cut in. Lily immediately took a step back and James bowed. Though instead of that I went off with Lily.
Making an arse out of each other doing ridiculous things but ending up in laughing fits. One fit leaving me on the floor, though I wasn’t sure how it had happened. A hand was outstretched for me to help me up, I saw a small faded pink line on it meaning it must been Rem. So I took it, loving the electricity I was once deprived of.

The night stayed clear in my memory the next day though I was pretty sure someone spiked the punch. Actually I think it was dear Sir (seer) that did it, it didn’t affect me much. Namely since I just have a thing against punch and I’m already a clumsy freak of nature.
I was hand in hand with Lily as we boarded the train. We started this together and now we were going to finished this together.
"Seven years,” I sighed taking one last look over my shoulder at the castle.
“A lot of memories,” she said.
“A lot of detentions.”
She laughed at that, “maybe for you.”
“Says Miss. Perfect Record. I had a lot of good and bad times in those detentions, I saw a freaking tarantula summersault how many people can say that?” was what I retorted.
“True oh and James he was with you,” a smile spread across her face when she mentioned him.
“Seven years it took for you to get together with him,” I smiled. Seven years and defiantly worth it.
We finally to that step onto the train, I could feel a few tears trying to rear their ugly heads but refused to let them shed. This was my final goodbye to this place, crying would blur it. Though looking out the window from the usual compartment and seeing the sun set of the distant castle made a few fall down.
“You’re not crying are you?” Sirius asked me, I could feel him closer than he was before, smelling his aftershave since it was a little too strong.
“Course not,” I said. I could hear my voice crack a little and I was determined not to meat his eyes.
“Sure,” he said scuffing the top of my head.
“You know I’m seventeen now meaning I can legally cause all the hell I want to you,” I said, still looking out the window.
“So can I, as the people next year will soon understand,” I could actually hear him rub his hands together like he made up so evil scheme. It was likely he had.
I groaned, “what did you do?”
“Look at me and I’ll tell you,” he said. “or we could just.”
I felt a tug and then I was on the floor, Remus on top of me. “That’s cheating,” I pouted.
“Not exactly,” Sirius said, I could sense the smirk on his face.
“Well then what is it that you have done?” I said shifting my head slightly to see him.
“Well Redeyes,” well it had Red in it at least. “I might tell you one day. Since we’re all of course going to stay mates till the very end.”
For no real reason at least one I couldn’t grasp he put his hand in the middle, like he wanted to do one of those huge group circle hand things. “Course,” James said in that cocky way on his smacking his hand down on top.
I saw Lily roll her eyes; put shoved her hand in anyway. Peter was next and he muttered something, he was still pretty shy and yes still creepy but I guess a nice guy I didn’t have such a big problem with anymore. The Remus who shrugged and grinned not as big as the one Sirius had on but still a grin.
I sighed. “Always,” sticking my hand in. We each made some kind of eye contact.

And that was it, that was how I survived high school as a witch with slightly more freakish abilities. That was how I fell in love.
Of course that was just high school, my whole adult life gets a lot more complicated. With me I guess complicated was normal. But the return of Prosper, my fabulous life threatening powers, that council that wants me dead, James and Lily, Voldy, the third unforgivable curse and of course that Remus of mine. I’d say complicated is defiantly my normal, but hey I think it was a good thing I didn’t get the gift of sight, maybe then I’d actually wish I was dead.

Well readers, thanks for actually sticking with me through this entire. I love you all and yeah I do mean that so here is one of those strange hugs. I’m getting all The Doctor -Matt Smith edition or 11- on you. I hope you all like, loved whatever this. First fanfic I ever did well I guess story as well. Well one with more of a plot than they lived happily ever after or something I saw on TV but hey I was young and didn’t know how to spell rhinoceros or because. Cheers Lovelies

Oh and if you would like or not like the sequel answer on the pole thats on my profile since putting it in here is apparently inappropriate language. I refuse to say how much time I wasted searching for it aside from the obvious that is. Come on the a link really? So anyway it's there the thing called care to find out what happens next? marauder charms it the first thing so not exactly hard to find YAY. Please take it and be all honest I won't be all offened by a no

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