Marauder Charms (a love story)

Marauder Charms (a love story)

Monique Tyler was just your average girl, that was until she turned eleven and her life was thrown in a blender hit mix and then attacked by well something. The point is her life was never the same since, she is a witch after all maybe a little different than your average one as well. The other thing that makes her life a little hectic her choice in company a couple of guys calling themselves the Marauders.

Chapter 3

Almost getting thrown out of a boat and then getting sorted into a house you have no bleeding clue about...

I could feel the train stopping. "Looks like we’re here" James sated.
" Oh, really, hadn’t realised, had you Sirius?"
"Nope, good thing we have James here isn’t."
" What would we do without him?"
"We would be totally lost."
" Okay, I get it" He said with a laugh, as we filed out I saw this really tall guy almost like he was a giant or something, and since my world has just flipped, why couldn’t this guy be a giant. "What do you think Red, part Giant or just really tall?"
"Part Giant" I whispered back to James, noticing a flash of red hair almost identical to mine, I smiled hoping it was Lily I’ve missed her. Dammit why couldn’t I find her on the train, wait who was next to her, wait is that Severus from done the road. Severus Snape that guy who has been in love with her since she was five and recently started talking to us more and more. He turned to his said saying something to her, and with that nose I knew it was him.
"First years follow me" called the giant man. I looked at James and Sirius; they just shrugged and followed where the giant man was going. He led us down to a lake, surrounding a castle (which I guessed was Hogwarts) and wow it was beautiful, everything about it screamed well for lack of a better word totally awesome."Wow" I heard someone mutter near me, but hey if someone wasn’t thinking that there was defiantly something wrong with them. "Well get in the boats" the Giant man told us. James, Sirius, this other guy with deep blue eyes and brown hair and me, grabbed a boat. "Think I should try and push her out?" Sirius whispered to James, so I wouldn’t hear, he smiled and taking this as a yes. "Wow, Red did you see that, look right there" he said pointing into the water.
"What?" I edged closer to the water to try and see what he was looking at.
"Can’t you see it, just there" I felt his hand on my back attempting to push me, losing my balance (again, this happens so much), I screamed (which just started the James and Sirius laughing) and then felt someone, pulling me back up before I fell, though instead of falling forwards I fell on top of the other guy in the boat, the one who helped me back up. "Remus Lupin," he said with an amused look on his face (he had brown hair and ocean blue eyes, and his face was scared like he had been slashed by a knife or attacked by some wild animal), I smiled up at him.
"Monique Tyler."
"Or as we now call her Red" Sirius and James said at the same time, which just made us all laugh harder, and get stares from the other boats who were concentrating on the castle.. "And those two are James and Sirius," I said indicating to who’s who.
"Allo, there mate, “James said, and with that he got one heck of a strange look from you.
"To much?"
"Ya think" I said and saw a smile form on his face.
"Oi, you four all right" it was then you realised you were still on Remus’ lap, and shot straight up, only to realise that we had just arrived or had for little while. The Castle, well if you thought it was impressive from a distance, when it’s right there staring you in the face.


Getting off the boat, my first expression WOW!!! walking through the corridors WOW, honestly the whole thing WOW, but I swear if I ever say that W word in this place again, well Merlin help me.
Suddenly we all came to haul if it wasn’t for Sirius’ hand I would have walked straight into Snape. Sadly he noticed and turned with that stupid smug expression on his face, he always had when I almost fall, or manly when I do fall (like I said, it happens a lot!), and like always I gave him one of my sarcastic smiles. "Welcome, students. My name is Professor McGonagall, and if you follow me you”ll be sorted into your house Gryffindor" James smiled and I think she noticed with the look she gave us "Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin" you could tell you wasn’t to found of Slytherin by the way she said it, like even the word it’s self was venomous. After that, she turned and opened the double doors and walked on through, only stopping when she reached this stage type thing where was a bunch of older people and Dumbledore sitting along with a table, chair and some old mouldy hat.
"Well that is a bold fashion statement" Lily whispered to me.
"You kidding, I’d wear it all day, everyday" silently laughing, we focused our attention back to Professor McGonagall, though everyone else was staring at the hat, which was singing. After the song ended McGonagall started to read out names. "Arms, Charlie", it took a second but the hat soon yelled out
Taking about five minutes to reach the B”s "Black, Sirius’, the hat seemed to really think this through before calling out Gryffindor, a few of the people from the table on the far end gasped, I guessed they might be a part of his family . More people went up but soon, Lily was called up, giving me a nervous look, than squeezing my hand and the one I hadn’t realised she was holding ever since we entered the room. "Gryffindor," the hat yelled out, I could see a smile form on James’ face. After another long amount of time Remus and James were both placed in Gryffindor, and Severus Snape in Slytherin, I wasn’t bothered by that, but the look on Lily’s face made me wish he was with her, oh who am I kidding Severus and me, never I Don’t feel bad at all, just means less time I have to spend with him. Lost in all of those thoughts I barely heard McGonagall say my name. I nervously walked up to the seat and sat down the hat was placed in my head which was tingling again. "Well, the first real challenge of the night, strong minded, brave and loyal, cunning, sly, kind hearted and charismatic" did that hat just say charismatic, I was the least charismatic person at primary school, a speech was like a bomb of nerves going off within me "Now, I wouldn’t say that, “can the hat hear my thoughts, huh that’s actually kind of cool or creepy, "you have a mind filled with imagination and words waiting to come out, any house would be lucky to have your power," It felt like forever and sitting on the chair, at least ten minutes had gone by when the hat finally called out, “Gryffindor". The entire hall was staring at me, mainly the Gryffindor’s who were cheering like mad fiends from outer space, but the other houses, looked sad and well jealous. I walked over to the table, and sat next to Lily, across from James.
Dumbledore came up said a couple of random words, but in doing so all of this food (and I mean name it and it was there except humus...), everybody just started loading their plates up, me and Lily just looked over at each other and burst out laughing, the boys just stared, but who cares, and we began eating and talking.

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