Marauder Charms (a love story)

Marauder Charms (a love story)

Monique Tyler was just your average girl, that was until she turned eleven and her life was thrown in a blender hit mix and then attacked by well something. The point is her life was never the same since, she is a witch after all maybe a little different than your average one as well. The other thing that makes her life a little hectic her choice in company a couple of guys calling themselves the Marauders.

Chapter 2

What do you do when you can't find your Bestie and all of the compartments are full? A) try to find her any way or B) Sit with a bunch of boys, who look nice

or B) Sit with a bunch of boys, who look nice
Platform nine and what?" mum asked Dumbledore.
I’m not the most confident person, so while we were walking, and the people were staring, i immediately felt my face grow hot and a slight tingling sensation in my hair. " Nine and three quarters"
"There is no, nine and three quarters, I come here once a week for work and I have never seen a nine and three quarters, what do you expect her today, run through a wall?" she said it more of a rhetorical question that was so insane and completely not possible she already knew the answer, but well, I wouldn’t say wizards are normal, they do have a bar (the something cauldron, leaky, leaking, loopy, I Don’t know, but it did start with L) that only a magical being can see.
"Well, they do have a wall that transports you to another place, almost like a portkey but different." And with that, I have no idea what I found more amusing her face or his, "You expect me to let my daughter, my only daughter to run at a brick wall!" screeching the last bit.
"Yes." Hers defiantly hers hands down, just priceless, I could die right now, with the satisfaction of seeing that, cause I’m almost positive that nothing would ever beat that.(what did I know, I’m eleven).

After getting a lot more funny looks, (but, I guess if I saw, a young girl, a middle aged woman, and an old man with a huge silver beard, with a trolley that has an owl on it (if you want to see Max we reached platform nine and ten, but Dumbledore stopped at a wall between them. I gave him a strange look, but he wasn’t paying attention to me. “Since You’re a muggle, You’re going to have to say goodbye now" Mum gave him and “are you serious?” expression but didn’t argue, instead pulled me into a bear hug " write to me and Don’t get hurt or into too much trouble."
"Does that mean I can get in trouble, as long as it’s not that big"
"Oh, you know what I mean"
" Yeah, I do" I said as she pulled me back into a hug. "Bye mum,”
“So now what?" I asked turning to face Dumbledore.
“Now, you’re going to run at that wall"
"What? I thought that was a joke." made by my mother of all people.
"Well if your nervous, run" Still, in utter shock and surprise, I ran at the wall, prepared to crash eyes closed, scared as hell. Then I felt something, like it a ghost had walked through me.
"Ow!" of course, I ran into someone. "Oh, hey it’s you, Monique right," said the boy. It took me a second to realise he was the boy from Olivanders what was his name Serious?
"Ah, yeah Sirius was it?"
"That’s, me" he was giving me a strange look, "you, know your wearing, quite a bit of red" I looked down. (
"Just a bit yeah," looking down at what I was wearing.
"Well then, care to find a compartment on the train then Red?"
"Red?" I asked, scanning the crowed, for Lily with no luck.
"Yeah, Red, hair, clothes, you actually look a bit like Little Red Riding Hood, and everyone should have a nickname, so Red"
" Um, okay then. So, train then?"
"Yup," he said, then started to push his trolley towards the train, me at his heals.
After what felt like five minutes, we finally found a compartment, since only one guy was there, "You mind if we sit here?" I think he finally realised someone was at the door, "Ah, sure I’m James by the way."
"Sirius Black."
" Or as I now call her Red."
"Red, I like it" James said and I shook my head, Sirius helped me load my luggage up to the bag rack, before sitting down. "So, know what house you want to be in? Personally I think being a Slytherin would suck, I might go home if that happens"
"My entire family has been in Slytherin" Sirius replied.
"Really, here I was thinking you were an alright" I don’t seem to think he minded that though since he joined, James and my laughter "What about you then Red?"
" Um, I don’t actually now what they are, you?"
"Wait, you don’t know the houses. Well, there’s something to look forward to then." Of course he wasn’t going to tell me, why am I not surprised
"Personally, I think Gryffindor is the one for me"
"Why’s that?" I asked him, haven’t the foggiest idea of what Gryffindor or Slytherin were.
"Well, it defiantly suits me, plus my dad was there," flexing his no-existent muscle.
" Hoping to follow on in his footsteps" I said in a teasing voice, but he just smiled and said
"Why yes, yes I am, are you Sirius?"
" Not really, I wouldn’t say me and my family were all that close, in fact the last words from my dear Mother were, " you better not be a Gryffindor, anything other than Slytherin would be a disappointment" Honestly I think someone that was deaf could hear the sarcasm dripping off his tongue when he spoke of his Dear mother.
"Don’t you have a great family mate,"
The rest of the trip went by pretty slowly after that, just talking about anything and everything. The trolley Lady came by and James ordered some kind of beans, which I have now become addicted to. "You know we should probably change, we’ll be there soon."
"Yeah," Sirius said gathering up his robes.

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