Stuck In The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 68

Chapter 1

Chapter 68

by: ImBack_
"I'm getting married to J..." She trailed off again.

"To...?" I asked opening the door. Jake rushed in.
I closed the door behind me and locked it.

"Okay you have to promise to not hate me!" She said worried. I shrugged., "Sure who could it be?"

I froze and my head shot up.

"I-i-i-Is it Jus-"
"No, no no!" She said quickly. I sighed of releif came out my mouth.

"I'm marrying Josh...." It took me a bit of thinking to understand.

"Josh i dated Josh?" I placed Jake's toy on the table and dropped my keys on the counter.

I could hear her breathing. I chuckled and crossed my arms.
"Who would i care? That was soooo long ago it only matters if you're happy."

"Well, You will be my maid of honor! It doesn;t matter how long it's been! We've been friends forever!"

I smiled as Amy kept talking about all the wedding plans. Somethings just don't change.

" and Jake will be on the first flight out to California?" She asked. The hope in her voice was very clear. I smiled and nodded.

"Sure." I said smiling. She chuckled and said, "Great! See you soon!"


As the plane landed i felt an unsettling feeling flow through. So many memories.

I sighed as Jake who was asleep turned to the side. He his were shut closed yet his mouth was hung open no matter haw many times i tried to close it.


I came to a hotel where i was suppose to be meeting Amy and Josh. Jake who was walking beside awed at the beautiful hotel. He seemed happy ans he began to run off.
"Jake!" I called chasing after him. The bell boy was going to bring my bags up to my room. As i chased to get Jake i crashed into someone. Both of us fell on the floor hard.

The cold floor. I sat up as Jake came up to me and asked with a concerded face, "Are you okay mommy?"

I nodded slowly rubbing my head.

"Today is not my day." I heard the other person say. I looked up to see....Ryan?!?!

"Ryan!!!" I screamed. He looked at me, for a spilt second before smiling.

"Brooke!?" I stood up pulling me with him. His arms wrapped around me in a tight hug.

"Ryan..." I said breathlessly. He released me and looked down to see Jake smiling at him.

"Is that who i think it is?" He said a baby voice. I nodded and laughed.

"Ryan! You switched our tuxes!" A voice said. A voice to familar.

I looked up and saw two people walking towards us. One of them was Christian i could tell but the other was....Justin? I couldn't see the face cause the person was looking down.

Ryan's face expression changed and that when i knew it was Justin.

"Guess who's here guys!" Ryan said.

Christian paused for a second getting a really good look at me.

"BROOKE!!!!!!" He shouted begninng to charge at me. His body slam against mine as he pulled me into an air tight hug.

"Brooke!" He said again. They hadn't change that much.

Ryan looked the same, with his cut blond hair and blue eyes. Christian didn't change much either. Though he was now taller than me. His braces were gone, and he still had that sweet smile.

"JAKE!" Christain yelled. A bit too loud i guess cause Jake backed up.

"Brooke?" A soft voice called. I felt my heart beat faster.
I grabbed Jake's hand as we walked towards him slowly.
Justin didn't change at all. He's taller though and he cut his hair short(like he has now). He seemed to be in some kind of pain when he looked at Jake.

"Is that my dad?" Jake asked with a hopeful tone. I dropped the glare and answered in my sweetest voice,

"Yes Jake that's your Dad.," Tears started to fall from my eyes, "Who left us alone......without a word for 5 years."

At that second Justin pulled me into a tight hug. We may not be together but i still care for him. I felt so horrible not knowing where he was.

He pulled away from the hug than picked up Jake.
"Hey Buddy." Justin said giving a small smile.

"Where have you been daddy?" That sure was right.

Where have you been Justin?


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