Little C, That's Me! (girls only)(part 5)(a CB love story)

Little C, That's Me! (girls only)(part 5)(a CB love story)

~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

confrontations, walks on the beach, first dates, and birthdays :)

we were about to walk in to Forever 21, when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me away. they turned me so i was facing them. it was......Jsutin??
"Justin? what the heck is your problem?" i asked. he has a strong grip and now my arm is hurting. "how could you do that?" he asked me. "do what!?" i asked confused. "give that guy your number?" he said. "he asked for it! he seems nice! gosh justin, why is it such a problem? you dont like me do you?" i asked. ew. this could get awkward. "what!? No! your like my sister!" he said. i literally sighed in relief. "i just dont want you to get hurt and your only 14!" he said. "thanks, but i can handle myself and if you recall i'll be 15 within this week!" i said. its true my birthday was coming up. in 2 days! im so excited! my grandparents are gonna see me the weekend after my birthday (her birthday is on may 14th (a friday)) "fine. but be careful. its not just you who might get hurt." he said and walked away. "what!?" i yelled after him. i ran into the store and found Justin. "what do you mean i might not be the only hurt?" i asked, "are you honestly that blind? look around you Kels, look at those around you." he said. and again he left. i just gave up and went to get some ice cream. after a few hours i had my arms full of bags and we were leaving. in the car my phone beeped.
~ Text Convo ~
(?): hey Kelsey its nick :)
K: hey Nick :)
N: so what are you doing??
K: riding home, squished in the backseat between Chris and Mickey :P
N: between 2 dudes? wow now i know it was a good thing to text you :)
K: haha actually Mickey is a girl. its a nicname for Mickayla. :) so you thought it would be a bad thing?
N: only if you said no ;)
K: no? to what?
N: going out with me tomorrow?
K: well its a good thing you texted me. because i would love to! :D
N: great :) pick you up at 11?
K: great :D cant wait :) gtg we are home :P text ya l8er?
N: ok :) c u tomorrow :)
K: k bye!
~ end of texts ~
"who are you texting?" Chris asked. "just a friend." i said and hopped out of the car. "so i think we should all go to lunch tomorrow. i have a surprise for everyone!" Chris said. "sounds fun!" i said and smiled at Chris. "cool. i was thinking we should leave at 11 and be back by 1." he said. instantly my smile fell. "oh Chris, im so sorry, but i cant make it. i have plans at 11. i dont know when i'll be back. i'm so sorry. is there any way i can make it up to you?" i asked, chris just shook his head no and walked inside. i sighed. i grabbed my bags and put them in my room. its dinner time and i am not hungry in the least. i decided to just go to bed.
~ next day ~
i woke up and curled my hair. i got dressed in a new outfit i got yesterday.
i walked down stairs, and only Chris was there. "chris.." i said. he just stood up and walked away. so i did what any girl would do. i tackled him. "WHAT THE!?" he yelled as he fell to the floor. he rolled over and was on top of me. "Kelsey! why did you tackle me!?" he asked. "because you wont listen to me!" i said and then we were wrestling and we were flipping over and over. eventually i had him pinned to the floor. "Chris! enough! why are you so mad at me!?" i asked. "because! okay. you arent going to be there for me! i would be there for you but you cant be there for me?" he asked. then he flipped and was on top. "i'm so sorry Chris, i had no idea. can i make it up to you?" i asked. "i'm going for a walk on the beach. want to come with me?" he asked. "i'd be honored." i said. and with that we left. we were walking along the beach when chris blurted out, "i'll race you to that fat lady!" and i took off running. i was almost to the Fat lady when Chris came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and swung me around. "CHRIS! giggling put me down! giggling" i said. then he dropped me and i fell on the sand. and he fell next to me. "i'm trying out for a movie. i'm gonna be gone for 2 weeks." he said. "chris thats awesome!! what movie?" i asked. "um, surf'n'turf about a boy who moves to australia and learns to surf. im trying out for Jace the main character. im really nervous. i leave tomorrow." he said. "tomorrow?" i asked. he would miss my birthday. i wasnt going to say anything about it though. "yeah. why?" he asked. "nothing! its amazing Chris! i really hope you get the part. but i have to go. it's almost 10:30 and i have to get ready." i said. i ran all the way home. leaving Chris in the dust. i got changed and fixed my make up just in time for nick to ring the doorbell. i ran downstairs and opened the door. i ran out and hopped in nicks car. nick had just turned 16. we went to the park and walked around. he held my hand. we never ran out of things to say. he was perfect. i was back home by 12:45. i was home before Chris and everyone thankfully! i didnt need an interrigation about where i was. so i went upstairs and spent the rest of the day in my room.
~ Next day ~
i woke up and showered. i too ectra long getting ready today. i want to look good for Chris' goodbye. they were leaving after we all had lunch together. i was wearing a super cute outfit
i looked hot/adorable. i walked down the stairs and everyone was waiting for me. "sorry. i have to look perfect. you dont want the world to see me without make up and go into cardiac arrest." i said and smiled. everyone laughed and we went to lunch. we went to this great fancy restaurant. but this time we did not rent out the entire restaurant. we were just normal people out for lunch. we were sitting and waiting to order when i saw it. one of the worst things to ever witness. i saw Nick. with some girl. they were holding hands. he leaned in and kissed her. they were on a date. "kelsey!" someone said. i whipped my head around to see the waitress waiting for my order. so i ordered and became really silent. then my phone buzzed. it was from caitlin.
C: whats up with you?
K: look to your right.
C: why?
K: just trust me :/
so she looked to her right (she was sitting across from me) and her jaw dropped. she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat. "we're going to the bathroom. be right back!" she said and draggedme to the ladies room. "oh my gosh Kels i can't believe he is cheating on you!!!" she said. "i know. thats why i was zoned out!" i said. "im sorry beau!" she said and hugged me. we then walked out and back to our table. thats when i noticed it. Chris and Nick were looking my way. it was almost instant. i knew which one of them i really wanted to date. and Chris was that guy. he was perfect. he said he would do anything for me. i was so comfortable around Chris, but when i was with Nick i felt like i had to be perfect, like i had to be a totally different me almost. i sat down and smiled at Chris and Justin. we talked for a while and when Chris and Sandi had to leave, we all stood in the parking lot by their suburban. Chris hugged everyone, but he got to me and i threw my arms around his neck. he wrapped his arms around my waist. "have fun. and kick butt for me okay? i'll be here waiting when you get back." i said. and then he walked to the car and waved goodbye. Gosh, im gonna miss him. we all got in the car and went home. Caitlin followed me to my room and shut the door. "okay so i have a plan" she said and say on my bed. "a plan? for what!?" i asked. "to get back at Nick! duh! all you have to do is tell him to meet you at the mall in 2 hours. thats all. i'll do the rest." she said, and i did the stupidest thing ever. i agreed. i texted Nick and he said okay. so i was now in the hands of Cailtin. she totally trasformed me. she gave me a light smokey eye. and she made my hair super straight. i looked like i was 17 not 14. i was wearing a really s3xY outfit.
it was almost time to leave for the mall. i walked down the stairs and Justin was there. he turned around and dropped his(thankgully empty) cup. "holy crap. Kelsey?" he asked. "hey Justin. Caitlin and I are going to the mall. we have some business to take care of." i said and smiled. "wait i have to get a picture of this! Chris would not believe me if i told him." he said and held up his Iphone. "you should come with us and get it on video. then he will really believe you when you tell him what happened." i said. "what did happen?" he asked. caitlin explained on the car ride to the mall. they decided to watch us from the second story where they could still see us. and i found Nick. time to start plan A. "nick!" i said. he turned around and his eyes almost popped out of my head. " look amazing!" he said. "thanks." i said and hugged him. his hand was on my butt. "so nick i need to talk to you." i said and laid my hand on his shoulder and dragged it down to his chest. he was so falling for this. "okay go ahead." he said and rubbed his hand up and down my side around my hip and above. "so i was thinking...." i looked at him and tried my best to look s3ductiv3. "we are over." i said. then i slapped him and walked away. i cant wait till Chris sees this. but i was still mad at him. he is missing my birthday tomorrow.


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