Love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

This is the Remus Lupin story in weasleygirl523's series

Chapter 2

New Friends!!!

After a while of talking to Lily, Snape walked into the compartment and they started talking. I love Lily, she's my best friend but, when she's with Snape I really can't stand either of them so I went to find somewhere else to sit. I walked down the corridor but all the compartments were full. I spotted Remus sitting in a compartment with three other boys and decided that it was better than Lily and Snape. I walked over and opened the door. "hey Remus! do mind if I sit with you? Lily is getting on my nerves!" I said and he smiled motioning for me to sit down. I sat down next to a boy with messy jet black hair and round glasses. "care to introduce us Remus?" he asked. "oops! sorry. _, this is James......" he pointed at the boy next to me. I shook his hand. "....Sirius...." he pointed at the boy next to him. I also shook his hand. "......and Peter!" he pointed at the awkward looking boy in the corner. "so, why is Lily getting on your nerves?" Remus asked. "she's talking to that Snape bloke and I really can't stand him!" I replied and he smiled. "so are you a bookworm like Remus?" asked Sirius. I smiled deviously at him. "just the opposite actually!" I said and he and James returned my smile. "what do mean?" asked Remus. "I am the queen of pranks! I'm sarcastic! I like to read but I'm not a bookworm! I'm good in class but I love breaking the rules and I live for adventures!! the more dangerous the better!" his eyes widened while Sirius and James looked very pleased. we all talked through the journey to Hogwarts and Peter came out of his corner to join in with me, James and Sirius as we were planning pranks for the year ahead. Remus was quiet and just stuck to his book. I kept sneaking glances at him but he never caught me because I have fox life reflexes. "do you play Quidditch?" James asked me. "yeah I do actually! I'm quite a good flyer!" I said and he smiled at me. we talked and laughed for the whole journey and when we arrived we all went up to the castle together.

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