Love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

This is the Remus Lupin story in weasleygirl523's series

Chapter 1


The last few weeks have been some of the most peculiar of your life; you received a mysterious letter that claimed you were a witch to start with! You then discovered the delights of a place called Diagon Alley where you bought all of your school supplies, and made friends with a red-haired girl called Lily Evans.

Today, you are discovering a whole new world; you feel a rush of cold air as you run through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10 at King's Cross station. You start to look around the crowded platform for Lily, because she said that she would meet you there. As you begin to walk around to look for her you walk face first into a boy about the same height as you because you weren't looking where you were going. Your lips brush his before you both fall to the floor in a heap, blushing deep scarlet.
'S-sorry,' the boy stammered. You see that his clothes are fairly shabby looking, but he is really cute!
'No, I'm sorry, I should have been looking where I was going,' you reply. He laughs nervously.
'I'm Remus Lupin by the way,' he tells you.
'____,' you answer as you take the hand he offered, expecting to shake it. However he takes your hand to his mouth and kisses it softly, causing you to blush slightly.
'It's a pleasure to meet you,' he says as he helps you to your feet. Before you can reply, Lily spots you and comes running over.
'Hi _' she says, almost screaming in excitement.
'Hi Lily,' you reply distractedly, still gazing into Remus's hazel brown eyes. 'This is Remus Lupin,' you say in answer to her curious glance at him. She introduces herself before dragging you off to get a compartment before they all fill up. You get one last glimpse of Remus before he is swallowed up by the swarming crowd, and you and Lily go and get a compartment to yourselves on the train, awaiting the journey to your new school; Hogwarts!

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