A Dancing Dream (Ryan Conferido Love)

A Dancing Dream (Ryan Conferido Love)

New Story, I hope you like it

Chapter 1

My Life and More

My name is Jerilyn Marie Hawke, and I’m 22 yrs old. My life wasn’t always perfect but it was perfect to me. In high school you could say that I was popular, in which I was but it was only popular because of my talents to sing and dance. I became popular at the end of the 9th grade. I heard that at the end of the singing competition that I won first place on was the first time that my High School has ever won in almost 12 years. I have three siblings, 2 brothers and one sister.
My Big Brother’s Name is Dimitri Allen Hawke, and he is 24 yrs old. I love him to death because he is always helpful, caring, and is always there for me when I’m down or depressed. My little sister’s name is Bethany Ann Carbondale, and she is 17 going on 18 yrs old. She n is annoying at times but I still love her. My youngest brother is named Alexander Michael Carbondale, and he is 16 yrs old. Alex is the second best little bro in the world because he remains me of when I was 16.
(When I was 18 yrs old)
I just graduated from High School and I just got home when I walked through the door I was attacked by my family and Step-Dad all except for Dimitri. They all hugged me and congratulated me. All I did was smile a little bit. Than I felt someone standing behind me, so when I turned around I saw Dimitri behind me and he was smiling. “Dimitri, Oh My God what are you doing here I thought you were in California” I said as I hugged him. “Jeri, Now why in the world would I miss your graduation” Dimitri said. “I don’t know why, but I’m so glad to see you again” “I missed you too Jeri, now can I at least hug my family please” Dimitri said. So I let go and went up stairs to my room (which was Dmitri’s old room LOLZ). I went to my closet and picked out a new outfit (which was a cute tee with designer jeans and Sneakers). I went back down stairs and saw my family seating in the living room and when they saw me they all smiled.” So what are you going to do now” My mom asked me, “ umm I really don’t know, I guess becoming a pro dancer would the best choice, but I think I want to hear what you guys think I should do I might one of your guys idea instead of mine”. “Well I think you should become a Lawyer” My step-dad said, “I think you should choose from your heart to do what want to be” Alex said. “I go with what Alex on this one Jeri” Dimitri said “us too sis” Beth said, and mom shook her head in agreement. Thanks you guys” I said as I hugged them all. “Umm Jeri, I know that you said that me and your step-father shouldn’t get you anything but I thought that you might like this” My mom said. “What did you get me” I said “Hold on let me give Jeri her first graduation gift, She’ll love it” Dimitri said. “Umm ok” I said, just then Dimitri put a Bandana over my eyes. “Hey, what are you doing” I complain “oh quit complaining and follow my lead, god I guess you’ll never change will you” Dimitri said. So I followed him out of the house and I felt him turn me around to wear I was facing him and he took off the bandana. I blinked from the sudden brightest “Okay these are for you” Dimitri said as he handed me a key of keys. “You got me a car didn’t you” I said “Not just any car sis” Alex. So when Dimitri told that I could turn around and when I did a Harley Davidson sitting in the driveway. “OMG, this is so cool” I screamed. Everyone laugh expect Beth, she looked sad. “Thx Dimitri” I said and I hugged him again.No problem sis, take a test drive” Dimitri said, “ok, but I want Beth to come along with me” I said as I stared at Beth and I saw her eyes light up with excitement. ” Ok, but be careful, I don’t want my babies to get hurt” Mom said. “Cool, on Beth, and when I come back its Alex’s turn” I said as I got on the motorcycle and started it up. Beth put on her helmet and I started to back up when mom stopped me, “What” “ You forgot to on your helmet” mom said as she gave me a black one that looked really goofy and I heard everyone laugh at this , “you’ve got to be putting my chain” I said. “What, it’ll look pretty on you” Mom said laughing “ Mom I’m 18 come on please just this once” I said “ Fine, but be careful” mom said. I was at the stop sign I saw Beth look at this boy with heart in her eyes. “ somebody got a crush on somebody” I whisper to her “ Um no I don’t” Beth said as she started to blush we turned into the driveway and when I looked back at the boy I saw his eyes on Beth’s Butt as she got off the bike but turned around when me looking at him. I stopped her and Whispered to her in her ear“Um Beth do you know that boy you were staring at was just staring at your butt” “Really” Beth said and when she turned around she didn’t see him. “Where did he go” “um he turned and walked away because he saw me”. Than Alex came out and he got on the bike and I rode around the block with him and when we got back to the house we both got off the bike and walked. into the house when I saw my dad sitting on the couch and Beth walked up to me and asked “Who is this guy” “ He’s my father and your dad is my step-dad” I said . “oh, okay” Beth said.”What are you doing here” I said to my dad, “Well, I came to see my daughter graduate high school” My dad said 'Well, I'm glad to see you again, dad, I really missed you” I said as I hugged . He hugged me back.” I got you something” dad said “Ok, you didn't spend any money on me did you” I said. “ No, well kind of “ dad said,” oh” I said. Than my dad gave me a wrapped box and when I opened it I saw a picture of him holding me as a baby in the hospital. I felt a tear go down my face, “ thx dad” I said. “ no Problem” Dad said just as mom walked into the room.” Jeri, here is a present from me” mom said, when I opened my mom present I saw a family album with all the pictures of Me and my family as we were growing up. “Thx mom” I said and I hugged her. Than Beth gave me a huge hug, but I tried to get away, she wouldn't let go. “ okay you can let go now,plz” I said and she finally let go and Alex gave me a friendship necklace and bracelet. Alex and Beth got the other two parts to the necklace and bracelet. I asked Dimitri if I could come to California with him and he said yes. I went up stairs and packed all my things and when I was done, I was about to leave my room when I saw Alex standing in the doorway with tears in his eyes. “I'm going to miss you Jeri” Alex said as he hugged me, “I'll miss you too lil man” I said and hugged him back. Before I left the house I said “ Alex, gets my room if he wants it” “ Thank you Jeri” Alex said. Than Dimirti and when off to the Airport.

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