Blood and Fire (Draco Malfoy Love Story) 3

uhh yeah im sorry guys. there is no suspense really i just couldn't wait. hold up... i have no idea what im talking about

Chapter 1

Pansy.... Who knew?? Oh wait I did!

"Shut up!" She growled. I glared but she ignored me and turned to Draco. "What do you think you're doing in here?! With her?!"

He raised his eyebrows and just pointed to Blaise who was staring between everyone. Her eyes narrowed. I cleared my throat.

"What's wrong Parkinson? Afraid someone else is stealing your thunder?" I turned my head to the side questioningly. From the corner of my eye I could see Blaise staring at me. I rolled my eyes. Draco just chuckled and looked expectedly at her.

"Watch it Potter or you will have something to worry about!"

"I know it won't be you pugface! Now get out of my room." I felt Blaise wrap his arm around my waist. Pansy glared and mumbled something. I was hanging in the air by my ankle dangling above Draco and Blaise. They looked up in alarm and Pansy smiled evilly before leaving. I realized that my top was slowly falling andI shreiked.

"Hold on Rain! We'll get you down." Blaise seemed concerned and I just waved it off.

"No need to panic. I t should wear off in like an hour but all you two have to do is get someone to catch me and one to undo the spell." Draco nodded and they agreed Blaise would catch me. I looked at him worriedly. Blaise wasn't as strong as Draco and might easily drop me. Draco carefully said the spell and Blaise was thrown a bit back by my weight and we fell on the bed. He smiled down at me and I got off.

"I'm so sorry Blaise!"

"It's nothing." Draco giggled and I poked his rib. They sat on my bed again and I stood.

"So rain, do u have any plans tomorrow since there are no classes?"

"Why does everyone want to know my plans. Am I that popular?" They laughed.

"Excuse us. So you haven’t heard the gossip between slytherin boys?"

"What are you talking about? If one of you don't tell me I will turn the both of you into punching bags."

"Well, the guys all have bets on who could get you to be with them." Draco smirked. I raised my eyebrows.

"Do you guys have bets?"

"Of course, we're guys."

"What are they?"


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