Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

If you are past Chapter 7 the picture is what Star looks like. I'm putting it as the picture for the whole story.
PS: I decided not to end it. It makes me too sad to. I've been doing this story for years I don't want to end it now. I'll post another really soon, but I probably won't post as often or maybe I will. :) You never know! :)

Chapter 4

OHH WOW!! Part2

I woke up in the morning next to Christian. I lay there for a minute until Christian started playing with my hair. I giggled and looked up at him. I sat up and put my clothes on. When they were one, we went downstairs to eat breakfast. I was kind of hard to walk (due to you know what…). Chris put an arm around my waist as we entered the dining room. “Good morning,” I said as I walked over to the food with Christian. “’Morning,” Everyone said. As I got food I looked at Christian. “God… I don’t think I can do this. It hurts,” I moaned. “We got to act normal or you brother is gonna find out and rip me to shreds!” he whisper/yelled. “Easy for you to say you’re not in pain,” I moaned, walking toward the table. I sat down. “Oww…” I moaned. “What happened?” Justin asked. “Uh… um… my… m-m- my… uh… back… hurts…” I stuttered. “Oh…” Justin said, beginning to eat. Christian reached over and rubbed my leg. I looked at him and smiled… Even though I didn’t want to lie to my brother… my own flesh and blood. Everyone started talking except for Christian and me. I put my head down and felt Justin look at me. “Um… Star…?” he asked. I lifted my head up. “Huh? Oh, sorry. I have a headache,” I said. Justin looked at me suspiciously for a moment. “Ok… what’s up?” He asked, dropping his fork. “Nothing…” I said quickly. Justin gave me the biggest I’m not an Idiot look. “I’ll tell you later…” I told him. “Starlyn!” Justin yelled. “No!” I yelled. When we were done eating I went up to Christian’s room to avoid Justin. I almost died when he opened the door. I closed my eyes and sighed. “Sit down, honey…” I said, patting a seat next to me. Justin sat down. I looked away from him so he put a finger under my chin and turned my head to him. “What’s wrong, Star?” he asked, looking worried. “I did something… that you won’t be proud of…” I told him, looking up at him through brown eyes. “Something I promised I wouldn’t do…” I said. Justin’s mouth dropped. “Oh my God… Star you didn’t!” he gasped. I busted out crying. “I’m sorry… I… I didn’t mean for it to happen, it kind of just happened…” I said. Justin put his hands on his head as if it was gonna explode. “Oh my God…” he mumbled. “Justin… I’m sorry…” I said, curling up in the bed. “Star… calm down…” Justin said. I took a deep breath and sat up. “Did you use protection?” he asked. I nodded. My phone rang. It was from Christian. Here is the conversation.
*C- Chris. S- Star.
C- Um…
S- Wats rong hon.
C- Oh No.
S- Wat happened
C- The condom… broke…
S- No, plz don’t say that!!!!!!!!!!!!
C- Oh my God.
S- What am I gonna do?!
C- Idk
S- If im pregnant… my mom wont let me see you anymore.
C- Ill think of something.
S- K
C- But u will have to wait a few months
S- I know…
C- Did you tell Justin
S- Not yet
C- Ok
S- Im scared
C- Me 2
S- What if I am
C- Then theres nothing else to do but keep it
S- Yeah…
C- Yep
S- Well ima go tell Justin
C- K. I Love You
S- Love u, too, baby :)
C- :)
“Oh my God,” I put my face into my hands. “What?” Justin asked. “The Condom broke,” I said. “Oh my God… is you pregnant?” he asked. I looked down. “I don’t know…” I answered. If I’m pregnant I won’t ever be able to see Christian again. It’s too soon to tell so I have to wait. I just hope my BB is still gonna be there for me now…

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