Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

If you are past Chapter 7 the picture is what Star looks like. I'm putting it as the picture for the whole story.
PS: I decided not to end it. It makes me too sad to. I've been doing this story for years I don't want to end it now. I'll post another really soon, but I probably won't post as often or maybe I will. :) You never know! :)

Chapter 3

OHH WOW!! Part 1

“Ok… Time for you guys to hug now…” I said, looking at Justin and Christian. “H(e)ll no!” Justin said. “I still don’t like him. So if he hurts you… I’ll kill him,” he said nonchalantly. I groaned. “I give up…” I yelled. “Can we spend a night here?” I asked. “Sure,” Christian answered. “Fine by me!” Caitlin answered. “I’ll call mom…” Justin said, pulling his phone out his pocket and walking out the room. “I’ll go tell mom,” Caitlin told Christian. “K,” he replied. Caitlin walked out the room. Christian sat next to me and I looked over at him. “Are we like officially a thing?” he asked. “Yeah…” I said. “Good. Now I don’t have to hold this in,” he replied. “Hold wha---” I was cut off by his lips on mine roughly. I crawled onto his lap and continued kissing him. I heard somebody clear there throat loudly. I pulled away from Christian and slowly looked behind me. “Uh… Mom said we can, but you’re not sleeping in his room…” Justin said. I turned around to face Justin and laughed. “Yeah, I am…” I said. “Um… no you not,” Justin repeated. I looked at him with my best ‘Wanna Bet?’ face. “Can I talk to you?” he said. “Sure…” I said. I stood up and followed Justin. “What?” I whispered. “Well, Star… your 14 and that’s an age when you will start getting hormonal,” he began. Oh my God. “feelings start and you might feel pressure to---” he continued. “Justin! Stop! Oh my God! Stop! I not having s(e)x!” I whisper/yelled. “Well, you and Christian are like… all over each other and I was Justin wondering…” he said, holding his hands up. “I’m not having s(e)x with Christian!” I nearly shouted. “Well, do you want to?” Justin asked. I didn’t say anything and blushed deep red. “Starlyn… please don’t do anything stupid…” Justin warned. “I won’t!” I promised. Caitlin came up and said we could stay. “Yay! I call Christian room!” I yelled. Everyone laughed. We all departed into our rooms. I lay down in Christian’s bed and he lay down beside me. I leaned in and kissed him softly. We made out for a while and by the time we were done we were both out of breath and shirtless. “Can I asked you something?” I asked. Christian nodded and smiled at me. “Would you have s(e)x with me?” I asked. “Yeah, baby… I love you,” he answered. “Fine, let’s do it then,” I said, climbing on top of him and unbuttoning his belt. “Star… If you’re not ready then…” he began. “I’m ready…” I told him. He looked at me and took off my pants while I took off his. He looked at me... “Are you sure?” he asked. “Christian…” I put a hand on his bare chest. “I can’t…” I said. “I can’t…” I said. I put all my clothes on and ran out the room. Oh my God… I can’t believe I almost did that… I feel asleep on the couch trying to figure out what came over me. When I woke up, I went in Caitlin’s room to see if they were awake. I walk in and saw clothes scattered around the bed. Uh… Caitlin was wearing that yesterday I thought. I looked up a little and saw Justin with Caitlin’s head on his bare chest. It took me a minute to realize what was going on. When I did I let out a long blood-curling scream. Justin and Caitlin sat up really quick. “Oh my god, Star!” Caitlin gasped. “Star! We were gonna tell you!” Justin yelled. “Oh my God… I’m gonna be sick!” I said, covering my mouth. Christian ran behind me. “Whoa!” he yelled when he saw Justin and Caitlin. I turned around and ran down the stairs, out the door, to my home. I ran to my room. My brother and my Boyfriends sister? I officially hate my brother. I hate Caitlin. I hate the world. They’re just trying to break Christian and me up. At the moment someone knocked on my door. “Leave me alone!” I yelled. “Star!” Justin said. I got up and opened the door. “Can we talk?” Justin asked. I didn’t say anything for a minute. “Sure…” I answered, backing up. Justin walked in. “I love her…” he said. “Oh my God… Don’t say that!” I said, covering my ears. “How Long?” I asked. “Last night…”he answered, quietly. I could even look at him. “SO YOU HAD S(E)X WITH HER!?” I yelled. Justin nodded. “You kept your promise, right?” Justin asked. “Justin, I love Christian… I kept my promise… but I came really close…” I told him. “How close?” he asked, looking worried. “We were both almost completely naked…” I mumbled. Justin stood up. “I’m gonna kill him!” he yelled. “Justin!” I yelled. He walked away and I followed him to the Beadles. He didn’t knock, he just busted in. “Justin, stop!” I yelled. He stormed into Caitlin’s room and Christian was in there. He pushed him against the wall. “Don’t you dare touch my F(u)cking sister again! You got it!?” Justin yelled. “Well, don’t touch mine!” Christian yelled back. “Stop! Oh my God! Stop, Justin!” I yelled. I pulled Justin away from Christian and let Caitlin hold Justin back while I checked Christian. They were both ok. “I hate you,” Justin yelled. “Justin!” I yelled. "I don’t F(u)cking care you banged my sister!” Christian yelled back. “That doesn’t change the fact that you almost banged mine!” Justin yelled. I hugged my brother. “I’m fine, honey…” I whispered. “He didn’t hurt me…” I finished. I pulled away and looked at them both. I hugged Christian and kissed him softly on the lips. “You guys really need to stop…” I said. Justin looked down and then walked away. “I give up!” I yelled. “Thank God!” I heard Justin reply from down stairs. I laughed and looked at Caitlin. “I’m not dealing with you right now!” I said. I grabbed Christian’s hand and we went to his room.
About 2 months Later, Christian and I sat on his bed talked for a while. I was dark before we finally got on the subject. “So… why couldn’t you do it,” he asked. “Do what?” I asked. “Have s(e)x,” he said. “Oh… I wasn’t… I wasn’t ready…” I asked. “But I am now,” I said. Christian kissed me softly. Then, we did it. Justin is gonna kill me.

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