Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

If you are past Chapter 7 the picture is what Star looks like. I'm putting it as the picture for the whole story.
PS: I decided not to end it. It makes me too sad to. I've been doing this story for years I don't want to end it now. I'll post another really soon, but I probably won't post as often or maybe I will. :) You never know! :)

Chapter 2

Two Weeks Later.

Two Weeks Later
I was at my house. I’m finally talking to Justin. I’ve been feeling really sad about Christian lately and Justin was starting to notice. He and Christian became good friends, too. “What’s wrong, Star?” he asked. I sighed. “I don’t wanna talked about it. “Lil sis… you can tell me anything” he replied, looking me in the eyes. “Justin… you’re gonna freak out!” I informed him. “Ok… I don’t care. What’s wrong?” he replied. “I think… I’m in love,” I mumbled. I was scared at how he would react. “What! No! No!” he yelled, pacing the room and throwing his hands in the air. “No, Starlyn! You’re way too young! I don’t want you dating!” he yelled. “Justin! What the h(e)ll!!! I’m not even gonna tell you who!!! You will just freak out even more!! Don’t tell me not to date because I love him and you’re not gonna stop me!” I yelled. I stood up and faced him. “Star! Stop cussing and you’re not dating!!! I don’t care who it is!” he yelled back. “Justin!! Don’t tell me what to do! I can do whatever the f(u)ck I want!!” I yelled. “Who is it!? WHO IS IT THAT’S SO F(U)CKING IMPORTANT?!” he yelled. “I told you I’m not telling you and I told you that you would over react!” I yelled. “I’m not over reacting!! I’m acting totally appropriately so tell me who it is!!” he yelled. He was really scaring me. I’ve never seen him so mad. “It’s Christian alright!?” I began. “I’m in love with Christian! Christian Beadles! The boy next door!! Ok?!” I answered. “I don’t want you to see him anymore!” I looked at my brother for a while and then ran away in a helpless waterfall of tears. I hate him and I mean it.
I ran to my room, got in my bed, and put the covers over my head. The tears ran down my face non-stop for a whole 3 hours. Then, someone knocked on the door. “Star… open up!” Justin called. I sat up and stared at the door for a minute, the tears still running down my face. I didn’t say anything. “Starlyn! You haven’t come out for 3 hours…” he yelled. I still didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry… Star… you’re my little sister… what was I supposed to do?” he yelled. “Go away, Justin!” I yelled. “Star… please?” he begged. “I hate you! Just go away!” I yelled. I sounded like I was crying. “Starlyn!” Justin yelled. I stood up and opened the door. “What the h(e)l do you want?” I asked. “I’m sorry…” Justin answered, looking me in the eyes. “I don’t care! I f(u)cking hate you!” I screamed, slamming the door in his face. Why am I always mad at Justin about something? After about 2 more hours of crying I decided to leave. I got dressed and climbed out my window. I walked next door in the pouring rain to the Beadles house. By the time I got there I was freezing and soaked. I knocked on the door. I waited for a minute and then, Caitlin answered. I shivered and said, “Can I come in?” I wrapped my wet arms around myself. Caitlin’s mouth dropped. “Oh my God… CHRISTIAN! GET SOME TOWELS!!” she yelled behind her. She looked at me. “Come on in, Sweetie,” she said. “Thank y-y-you,” I shivered, walking in. Christian came down the stairs with some towels. “Why do you nee---” he began. “Oh…” he said. “Come here, sweetie, you need some dry clothes,” Caitlin said. She wrapped an arm around me and led me to her room. After I was all dry and warm I sat on the bed and told her what happened. “Oh my God…” she gasped. “Yeah…” I said. “My brother?” she asked. “Yeah…” I answered. “Well, girl… you should tell him… I’ve got a feelin’ he likes you, too,” she smiled. “Really?” I asked. “Go get him girl!” she encouraged. I smiled and laughed. I got up, but stopped at the door. “Thanks, Caitlin…” I smiled. She nodded. I turned around and walked into Christian’s room. He was writing something in a notebook. He looked up immediately. “Hey,” he said. “Hey... can I sit?” I asked. “Sure…” he answered, putting his pencil on the nightstand. I sat on the queen sized bed awkwardly and slowly lay my head on Christian’s shoulder. He wrapped an arm around me and laid his head on mine. “What’s wrong?” he asked. I sighed. “Just another fight with my brother…” I answered. “Oh… well… what was it about?” he asked. “You…” I answered, quietly. “Me?” he asked. “Yeah… I told Justin that… that I was really starting to like you… and he started yell at me about how he didn’t want me dating… and how I couldn’t see you anymore…” I answered. “Oh… well… I’ll talk to him…” Christian answered. After a long silence he said, “Oh, and Star?” I looked up at him. “Yes?” I answered. “I like you, too…” he answered. I died and came back to life again when he said that. The doorbell rang downstairs, but Caitlin yelled, “I got it!” I laughed. “Ok!” I yelled. I looked at Christian. “Really?” I asked. He nodded. I smiled and slowly leaned in. Our faces were so close I could feel his warm breath on my lips. It smelled like Cotton Candy. I leaned in even more until our lips finally touched. I felt his soft lips separate a little and then his tongue on my lips. I opened my mouth and let him in. I moaned quietly as I lay on top of him. I have to give him props he was an AHH- MAZING kisser. About 5 minutes later, our kiss had turned into a make out session. I mean not just a normal make out session. It was more lustful. His hands were up my shirt. I heard the door open. I pulled away from Christian and looked over to see Justin. Caitlin ran up in front of him as Christian and I stood up. “I’m sorry, Starlyn! I tried to stop him!” she said. “You know what Justin?” I asked. “Stay out my motherf(u)cking life. I love Christian and you’re not gonna stop me. Got it?” I said, getting in his face. “Yes, I will! I told you I don’t want you seeing him!” he yelled. “Get out!” I yelled. I turned to face Christian and pressed my lips to his roughly. I didn’t even have to look at Justin to know that heat was radiating off his face. The next thing happened so quickly it was scary. Justin tackled Christian and they started fighting. “Oh my God, Justin, Stop! Christian, Stop it!!” I yelled, I pulled Justin away from Christian and looked at both of them. “What the h(e)ll!” I yelled. “I hate both of you!” I yelled, running out the room. I sat down on the floor outside the door and listened. “Great! Justin, you got what you wanted! But now she hates you, too. I’ma go check on her,” Caitlin said. She opened the door and saw me. “I hate them…” I said. Christian and Justin walked out behind her. Justin sat next to me. “I’m sorry… I don’t know what came over me…” he apologized. “Justin… your my BB (BB= Big Bro). MY BB! You’re MINE! Christian… you’re my Boyfriend. MY Boyfriend! You’re MINE! You guys are gonna have to share…” I said. “I’m not sharing… I never had to share before so I’m not sharing now,” Justin said. I looked at him. “Justin… when exactly would you be comfortable with me dating?” I asked. “Never,” he answered. Christian and I groaned. “Star… you’re my little sister… and I admit… I’m way too over protective ‘cause… I don’t wanna see you hurt…” he said, looking me in the eyes. “Justin… I’m not 5… I’m 14… I can take care of myself… I don’t wanna get hurt either, but its part of life. I don’t thing Christian would do that to us,” I told him. “But… what if he does?” Justin asked. “If he does… then I guess you’ll be there when it happens…” I said smiling. Justin smiled, too. “I heart by BB…” I said, holding my arms out. He hugged me. “He’s always there for me…” I whispered. “I heart my LS (LS= Lil Sis)…” he said. “I’m always there for her…” he finished. I smiled and pulled away. Christian and Caitlin were looking at us like we had lost our minds. I laughed. “We made it up a long time ago… when I was like 5,” I said, still laughing. “Yeah…” Justin said.

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