Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

Lost in the Stars(A Christian Beadles Love Story) Read Intro please!!!!

If you are past Chapter 7 the picture is what Star looks like. I'm putting it as the picture for the whole story.
PS: I decided not to end it. It makes me too sad to. I've been doing this story for years I don't want to end it now. I'll post another really soon, but I probably won't post as often or maybe I will. :) You never know! :)

Chapter 1


“Mama… please… I don’t wanna move!” I moaned as I carried my last bag out to the car. “Well, I’m sorry, but your brother needs this record deal and well… I guess you gonna have to deal with it,” my mother answered quietly. She looked down at me with sorry eyes, tucked my long brown hair behind my ear, and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I frowned and put my bag into the trunk. sigh I hate my life. I turned around and ran into Justin; I rolled my eyes and walked past him, shouldering him on the way. I opened the car door and got in. For a while I just sat there and waited until I heard the door open. Everyone is in the car I thought, preparing for my life to be ruined. My mother started the car and drove off. I just stared out the window, looking at everything I know and love drift away.
When we got there I took all my stuff into my new room and sat on the bed. I hate it here already. I sighed and got up to get something to eat. “Sh(i)t ,” I mumbled, realizing that we didn’t have any food yet.
Two days later, we were all settled in and everything so I was sitting across the sofa from Justin watching TV. I still wasn’t talking to him and honestly I don’t want to. “Starlyn…” Justin began. “Justin, I love you… you’re my older brother so I have to. So for your safety, if you want me to not k(i)ll you, I suggest you shut the f(u)ck up,” I said nonchalantly, picking up a chip and popping it in my mouth. Justin looked at me in shock for a moment and then got up and went to his room. I got up and looked in the mirror. I was wearing a red cut-off top with shorts that had red roses on the back pockets. I had on bright red lipstick that fit my face perfectly and black eyeliner that really made my light cocoa brown eyes sparkle and pop. I smiled at myself and sat on the couch of the living room once again. About 30 minutes later, the doorbell rang. I wonder who that could be… I pulled myself off the couch and opened it. I saw a boy about my age and a girl about 16. I leaned against the door and looked at them. “Can I help you?” I asked. “Yeah, we live next door and we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. We brought some cookies,” the girl answered. She held out a plate full of cookies. I smiled and took them out of her hands. “Awh. Thank you, so much. Come on in,” I backed up and brought the cookies to the kitchen. When I came back we all introduced ourselves. For a while we all just chilled on the couch talking and getting to know each other. Christian and Caitlin were really sweet and to be honest I have a little crush on Christian. “Hey, I’m hungry. I’ma go grab a bite to eat. There’s a McDonald’s around the corner. Do you guys wanna come?” I asked. “Sure,” Christian answered, standing up. “Caitlin?” I asked. “Nah… I think I’ll go home… I’m kind of not feeling well…” she answered, standing up also. I nodded and started walking towards the door. I could have sworn I saw Christian checking me out.
When we got to McDonald’s, we ordered and sat down. We talked for the longest time. Just laughing and having fun. God… I’m really crushing hard on this guy… We finished eating and decided to go to his house.
When we got there, we went to his room. “What do you wanna do?” I asked. “Hmm… Wanna watch a movie?” he asked. “Sure, works for me,” I answered, shrugging and hopping on the bed. “Umm… Para-normal Activity?” he asked, holding it up. “Why Not?” I asked, shrugging again. He smiled, turned the lights out and sat next to me. About the middle of the movie, this huge, ugly thing with a long tongue and scaly features popped up in the screen. I screamed and hide my face in Christian’s chest. He laughed and wrapped his arm around me. “Are you ok?” he asked. “Yeah…God… that scared me!” I answered. “I can tell… you’re still shaking!” Christian replied. “I know!” I said, laying my head on Christian’s shoulder. When the movie was over, I went home and thought of nothing, but him the whole night.

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