Forever mine

This story is about agirl DUHHH lol but you will have to read to find out what its about and comment if you ever want me to write another chapter to this story please

Chapter 1

You're Slave?????

by: MrsBoddy
I had been living with my Mom and her stupid boyfriend. He hated me more than I thought was possible. Then My mom never really cared about me never really payed me any attention but she always knew I was there. When I was about 5 I had become used to the quitness and lonleness I mean even then I could tell she was ashamed of me. Then I had got the news "Were are selling you Im sorry" My Mom said "Sorry my butt this is the happiest day of my life" He said smilling "So you are selling me, How long has this been going on" I asked tearing up "Since yesterday and we are not selling you cause we already have sold you so pack some of the stuff you want to keep cause he is coming to pick you up today" My Mom said "Ohhh ok" I said walking towards my room. About an hour later I heared a knock at the door and my Mom's boyfriend open the door. So I took the couple of bags I had and walked out of my room to see a boy about in his 16 like me. He had blonde hair with lime green eyes he was hot!!! "Ahh here she comes now" Jerry my mom's boyfriend yelled then hit me on the butt PERV I thought to myself. Then looked down "Say Hi to Derrick you stupid girl" Jerry yelled "Hi" I said barely noticible "Hello well we shall be going now Bye" he said taking me by the hand and dragging me out the house with him "Come on you are to slow do I have to train you to be faster if so there are punishments For you not doing what I say when I say it" He yelled as we got into a long black limo "I-Im sorry" I said startled "You really are guillible he wasn't kidding" Derrick said his face just inches from mine "So I wonder what would happen if I did this" He said as he started to lean in for a kiss "NO please don't" I yelled as I covered my face with my hands fixing to cry " Aww it was just going to be one little kiss" He said with an innocent face. So for the rest of the ride I had sat in the corner of the limo humming to myself " So what yah humming" He asked coming closer and closer towards me. As I stayed silent I could tell he was getting aggrivated with me not speaking "Answer me slave" He yelled "Slave??" I said in a whisper "why???" I whispered "Cause I bought you thats why and you have to do what I say when I say it" he said smilling "And what if I dont" I said starting to speak up more "Then you get punished" He said his smile growing bigger. So I just shut-up and left the subject alone. I wonder what he ment by Punished. What would he do to me????? After about an hour drive of silence we pulled up to a big golden gate "WOW" I acidentally said out loud as I saw his house "Yeah I know right isn't it beautiful just like you" he said touching my leg. Which made me jump and hit my head "Oww you perv" I yelled "For that language against me I shall punish you" He said then jerked my head so that it was facing him and pulled it into a forcefull kiss. I loved the kiss but I hated the person for making me kiss him

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