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Chapter 1


by: Payton_
"Dev! Hurry, hurry!" A Little girl called out running towards a playground – she had long black hair, violet colored eyes, and she wore a pink dress.
"Chandi, wait up already!" The boy named Devadas stated running after the girl – he had dark brown short hair, green eyes, silver glasses, and wearing a white shirt along with black shorts.
The two kids couldn't have been older than ten years old. The little girl, Chandi, was giggling as she rushed up the steps towards the slide when she suddenly lost her footing and fell back. Devadas quickly hurried behind her catching her just before she hit and she started giggling again.
"You should watch your step!" Devadas stated slightly angry having to make sure she was safe.
"It's okay!" Chandi stated happily with a large smile on her face lying across Devadas' lap.
"How is it okay?" Devadas asked confused.
"Because Dev will always be there for me, right?" Chandi asked with a smile quickly putting her arms around him and hugging him when suddenly there was a ringing sound.
"What's that sound?" Devadas asked looking around when suddenly he opened his eyes to see a classroom.
"Sleeping through sixth period again?" A male voice asked from his side – he had long black hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a navy blue coat with some emblem on it, a white dress shirt with a black tie with the same emblem as the coat, and navy blue slacks.
"Huh? I see, I was sleeping wasn't I?" Devadas asked looking around to see he was sitting in a classroom with the students leaving their seats. "Did you take the notes already, Eddy?" He asked looking at the guy to his left.
Devadas was now in high school with a different appearance since his childhood days. He had grown out his hair to a medium-short length and now wore contact lenses. He was also wearing the uniform of the school he was attending – Washington's School of Higher Learning, which was some private high school his father sent him to attend. The uniforms were mainly composed of a navy blue coat, white dress shirt, a black tie, and navy blue slacks or skirts and dresses for the girls. The emblem on the coats consists of a shield with some vines and flowers wrapped around the edges of it with what appeared to be a cherry tree in the background.
"Sixth period is over already?" Another voice asked while yawning and sounding completely tried.
"Don't worry about that, I'll let you have a look as usual but this guy…" Eddy said looking at the other guy rubbing his eyes on the right side of Devadas – he had very short blonde hair, hazel eyes, wearing a navy blue coat, a white t-shirt not tucked in, a black tie, and navy blue jeans.
"Manson, do you need the notes today too?" Devadas asked looking over to his right.
"Yeah, thanks man. Time to get home and finish my nap – I'm counting on you to mail me the notes later, Eddy!" Manson said packing his things and quickly leaving the room with a half awake expression on his face and yawning as he left the classroom.
"That Manson… just because his parents contribute to the school he gets away with dressing like that." Eddy said sounding slightly angry.
"I think he would've still dressed like that even if they didn't… Anyway, I've got a date with a game I just bought the other day so I'll catch you later." Devadas said packing his things and following Manson's lead.
"Seriously, you both suck so bad… why do I even hangout with you two?" Eddy asked glaring over at Devadas.
"Haha, sorry, I've got you covered in chemistry then. Is that a deal?" Devadas asked slightly laughing while standing at the door.
"Fine but no screwing with the equations this time, got it? I nearly poisoned everyone in the class with that gas bomb you had me make!" Eddy stated pointing at the door but Devadas was gone. "That little…!" He shouted frustrated noticing Devadas used that time to escape.
Devadas was rushing past the gates of the school and reached the street before finally coming to a slow walk. He was laughing to himself since he had managed to escape from Eddy without having to hear him lecturing him about something. Before he knew it, he was already in the city nearing his apartment he was staying in. This was mainly due to the fact he didn't want to live in the dorms on the school's campus and decided to live in an apartment instead. By this time, he had tossed his coat over his shoulder and walking down the street with his backpack on his left shoulder and his coat over his right.
"I can't believe the day is finally over and I was able to get that copy of Hollow 4! The damn thing sold out in only two hours last night too! I'm so lucky!" Devadas stated happily as he had just crossed an intersecting and bumped into someone. "Ah, sorry about that." He said turning to see a woman with long black hair with blond highlights, violet eyes with crimson swirling around the corneas, and wearing black jeans with a white spaghetti strap shirt.
"No, it's fine…" The woman said stopping suddenly when she looked at Devadas just as he did.
"Take care then!" Devadas stated waving – turning – then rushing off towards his apartment. "That woman was really beautiful… I wonder who she was… Maybe she was some sort of famous person or something?" He thought continuing to run until he reached a large apartment building.
The building actually looked pretty luxurious for a high school student to live in; it even had its own doorman. That didn't really matter though, since it was his father that was paying the rent but everything else was up to Devadas to pay for.
"Finally, all my work I've gone through today will no longer be in vain!" Devadas stated happily as he unlocked the door to his apartment and closed the door behind him before rushing over to his living room. "Hollow 4, finally I get a chance to play you without any interruption!" He stated happily putting the game into the game console and quickly sitting back in his couch.
"You seem really happy. I'm glad at least someone is!" A woman's voice stated angrily followed by a crunching sound echoing in the room – Devadas paused for a second seemingly frozen solid before letting out a sound.
"N-no…!!!" Devadas cried out as if someone had just killed someone dear to him.
"I do hope you will learn better in the future to not be happy unless I allow you to be happy." The woman, whom he had bumped into on the street, said glaring at him with a twisted grin on her face,
"W-who in the world are you and why did you do that, do you know how long it took to get that game?!" Devadas shouted angrily looking at the woman standing before him standing over his crushed game console.
"A dog shouldn't be talking to his master like that." The woman said snapping her finger when Devadas was unable to open his mouth. "Once you learn how to speak correctly to your master I will allow you to speak, do you understand you lowly mutt?" She asked walking over to him with her high heel on his left leg while he shook his head.
"Who is this woman and why is she calling me a dog and saying something about a master?!" Devadas thought completely confused as to what was going on.
"Such a pathetic creature, you don't even recognize your own master? How's this for a little proof?" The woman asked digging her heel into his leg and pulling out what appeared to be a contract.
"What is this?!" Devadas thought when the woman pulled him by the hair closer to the document. "I, James D. Carver, hand over custody and the services of my son, Devadas J. Carver, to Chandi Alasdair for… shares of a company?! He sold me off to make some sort of profit for his company?! Doesn't he know that human trafficking is illegal?! Wait… that name seems familiar." He thought looking at the third name mentioned when it all hit him – the woman in front of him was none other than the little girl he used to play with when he was in elementary school.
"So the mutt finally remembers me, huh?" Chandi asked snapping her fingers as she tossed his head back and put the document back in her pocket before stepping away from him.
"I'm completely confused here…! I can talk now?" Devadas asked surprised his lips were moving again.
"I'm permitting you to speak again so long as you treat your master with respect." Chandi said glaring back at Devadas.
"Wait, just a minute there – what does this all mean? This is just some kind of joke, right? I mean, isn't human trafficking against the law?" Devadas asked trying to make sense of his current situation.
"Not if I am hiring you on as my servant – that is perfectly legal but that is only for the human world. Legally, you are my property according to this document in my world so you better learn to respect your master at all times or you will be punished severally!" Chandi stated glaring at him while giggling to herself.
"Is this really the Chandi I know? This can't be her, the little girl I remember was always laughing and playful but this woman… she's a demon!" Devadas said quietly to himself when suddenly he was smacked across the face.
"I come here to greet you myself and you call me a demon? How rude! It looks like I will have to take you in for some re-education if you are to become one of my dogs. I cannot have you as you are. Come, let's get going then mutt." Chandi said snapping her fingers when a leash appeared in her hand and a collar appeared around his neck.
"What's this for and when did you put it on me?!" Devadas shouted trying to pull off the collar but it wasn't budging.
"Here, attach this on to your collar." Chandi said tossing the opposite end of the leash over to him.
"Are you even listening to me?!" Devadas shouted when Chandi shot him a glare and he quickly put it on.
"Good, let's get going then." Chandi said snapping her finger again when they suddenly appeared outside some large iron gates.
"W-what just happened?!" Devadas asked looking around in complete confusion when he saw it.
Behind the large iron gates was a massive piece of land with a huge white mansion in the distance. Behind him was a large city below the hill they appeared to be on. Chandi walked towards the gate and over to what appeared to be a booth. Though, the leash yanked her back when she went past the length forcing her to the ground.
"What do you think you're doing to your master?!" Chandi shouted glaring back at Devadas.
"Huh? I didn't do anything." Devadas said when Chandi extended her hand out in front of her. "What are you doing?" He asked walking over to her and looking down at her.
"What does it look like I'm doing? Now hurry it up and lift me up." Chandi said turning her head.
"Have you really lost your mind since these past few years…?" Devadas asked looking at her concerned when she looked back at him feeling even more insulted.
"Hmph!" Chandi stated turning her head again and lifting her left foot hitting him directly between his legs forcing him to his knees in pain.
"W-what… was that for?" Devadas asked in a strained voice obviously in pain.
"Hurry up and help me up you mangy mutt!" Chandi stated sounding even more annoyed.
"Alright, alright, already, just don't kick me there again!" Devadas stated slowly getting to his feet and helping Chandi up and just when she got up she pulled the leash towards her as hard as she could getting face to face with Devadas.
"Don't you dare embarrass your master like that again or I won't forgive you!" Chandi stated furiously before releasing him and turning towards the booth outside the gate with the leash in her hand again.
"She really has lost her mind… but the real question is how did I end up here from my apartment?" Devadas asked confused following behind Chandi.
"Oh? Is this the new servant we were to expect today, Lady Chandi?" A man asked standing inside the booth – he was completely bald, he had brown eyes, and he wore a black security uniform with some kind of crest on the left side of the chest.
The crest resembled what appeared to be a throne with a crown resting on the back of the chair and with golden vines wrapping around the edges. The crest was the Alasdair's family crest.
"That is correct, James. But this mangy mutt has been giving me nothing but trouble since I got him. You might want to increase security until he is properly trained." Chandi said with a sigh.
"It must be hard on you after all; you have been looking forward to this day for a while now." James said with a smile on his face when Devadas looked at him confused when he said that.
"D-don't go saying unnecessary things! Could you call the car around for me?" Chandi asked when James nodded his head and turned towards a phone inside the booth.
"What was he saying about looking forward to today?" Devadas asked looking over at Chandi as she was turning slightly red.
"J-just be quiet and do what you're told! I just haven't had a new pet in a long time!" Chandi stated turning her face away from him.
"Jeez, what's her problem? Well, at least I'll be able to ride in a car to the mansion instead of walking… wait, how is anything good in this situation?! No, more like what kind of situation did my stupid father get me into?!" Devadas thought to himself trying to make sense of all that had happened to him in the past few minutes when suddenly a long black limo pulled up behind him. "We're riding a limo just to go to the mansion? Isn't that a bit much?" He asked looking at the limo and then down the road at the mansion.
"Who said we were going to ride in it? This is for me; mutts like you who don't obey their masters have no right to ride in something so luxurious." Chandi said getting into the limo undoing the leash but leaving the collar on.
"So I have to ride in another car?" Devadas asked pointing at himself looking around to see no other car in sight.
"No. You will be walking there yourself. Be sure to make it quick – I hate having to wait." Chandi said before closing the door and driving off towards the mansion.
"Wait, what?! I have to walk to the mansion myself and I have to hurry?!" Devadas shouted looking at how far the mansion was compared to where he was – it was at the very least a thousand yards away.
"Hey, boy, take this with you too." James said handing Devadas a bat.
"Why would I need something like this just to walk to the mansion?" Devadas asked confused looking at James.
"You're better off not knowing. Good luck, boy." James said as Devadas took the bat and started walking down the road with the gate closing behind him.
"Why do I suddenly have a really bad feeling about this?" Devadas asked scratching his hand when he suddenly heard a jingling sound. "What was that?" He asked looking around as he still kept walking.
Suddenly, what appeared to be a glowing butterfly appeared from behind some trees on the right side of the road. Upon closer examination, it was actually what one would consider a fairy. Devadas stopped dead in his tracks dumbfounded when the fairy let out some sort of glowing orb that hit a tree engulfing it in flames.
"…What the hell?!" Devadas shouted as he started running as fast as he could.
The fairy followed behind him and not long after more and more fairies started coming out of the surrounding trees hurling the fiery orbs. Jumping around and dodging desperately, Devadas just managed to avoid getting burnt alive for the time being but they were still after him. Devadas took notice of the bat in his right hand and grabbed it with both hands as an orb was coming directly at him. Swinging the bat, he hit the orb directly at the horde of fairies turning them into a big fiery ball of fairies spinning towards him now on the ground.
"You've got to be kidding me!" Devadas shouted as he was running as fast as he could with the large ball of flaming fairies rolling directly behind him gaining ground. "What kind of mansion is this?!" He shouted as what looked like a giant troll stepped out from behind some trees swinging down what appeared to be a club at him. "This is definitely a dream! There is no way… wait, don't they say if you die in your dreams you'll die in real life? Ah!" He shouted as he dove just under the club forcing it to hit the ball of flaming fairies away from him.
After rolling under the club, Devadas got back to his feet and kept running as fast as he could not even looking back. Before he realized it he was standing in front of the mansion with Chandi sitting on the steps looking towards him. His clothes were torn up and slightly smoking but he didn't have a cut anywhere.
"Impressive, you made it here in one piece." Chandi said looking at him but still displeased. "But your clothes look horrible so you fail and you've been keeping me waiting for too long." She said sounding annoyed while glaring at him.
"What? My clothes are…? Ah, you're right! My uniform is completely torn up and burnt!" Devadas shouted looking at his clothes. "Besides, just what in the world is this place? Fairies, trolls, and who knows what else! Not to mention, how the hell did we end up here from my apartment? Did you hit me with some sort of dart with a sedative or something? Am I actually dreaming here?" He asked looking at Chandi when she slowly got up and walked over to him and pinched his cheek.
"Do you think you're dreaming?" Chandi asked looking directly into his eyes without the slightest bit of emotion.
"Then this… isn't… a dream?" Devadas asked looking around still unable to comprehend his situation.
"No, it's all magic." Chandi said with a grin on her face.
"Magic…? That's impossible because magic doesn't exist." Devadas said when Chandi started laughing.
"'Magic doesn't exist' you say? What else would you call everything that has happened to you up till now?" Chandi asked leaning close to him and pulling him by the collar closer to her. "Listen up you mutt, you now belong to me for the rest of your life and because of that you need to be prepared for what you're going to see from here on out." She said glaring at him before letting him go and looking back towards the house. "Edouard, begin the training." She said walking inside the mansion while the figure of a man stepped out in her place.
"W-who are you?" Devadas asked looking at the man – he appeared to be in his mid-fifties with short slicked back white hair, silver eyes, and wore a black butler uniform with the Alasdair family crest on it.
"Good evening, sir. Prepare yourself!" Edouard stated rushing at Devadas.
"Huh? Ugh!" Devadas uttered as he was hit with a right fist sending him twisting to his right and sliding on the ground.
"Not impressive at all. I even held back on that one." Edouard said shaking his head in disappointment.
"Held back, huh? Thanks a lot old man." Devadas said slowly getting up and wiping some blood off his lip.
"Was I mistaken? You've got a sturdy body there young man." Edouard said as Devadas rushed at him taking a right swing. "Who are you trying to hit?" He asked standing behind Devadas and punching him once again in the face but this time he managed to stay on his feet.
"You're pretty fast for an old man." Devadas said with a slight chuckle spitting out some blood.
"I see, a very sturdy body indeed… In that case, I won't hold back." Edouard said stepping forward connecting with a right fist into Devadas' jaw sending him flying into the air and down to the ground after a little hang time. "You held out longer than I would have expected for a novice – impressive." He said turning and about to head into the mansion.
"You think a light punch like that will keep me down?" Devadas asked slowly getting his feet with blood steadily dripping out of his mouth.
"Indeed… I did believe that would have been enough. I will have to reevaluate your stats." Edouard said turning back to face Devadas once more.
"What the hell kind of situation is this?" Devadas thought standing there with his body shaking just holding on. "Bring it on old man!" He shouted rushing at Edouard extending his right fist once again.
"That again? You won't hit me with that naïve thinking young man." Edouard said moving to the left of the fist and hitting Devadas in the abdomen with his right fist knocking him a foot off the ground just from the impact. "Hm, a complete reevaluation truly is in order…" He said noticing the left fist lightly pressing on his right cheek.
"I thought you said I couldn't hit you…" Devadas said with a light laugh before finally collapsing to the ground.
"He was still awake even after that last hit?" Edouard asked slightly surprised before putting Devadas over his back and walking into the mansion.
Edouard went inside and walked all the way to a room in the west wing of the large mansion and placed Devadas on the bed. After leaving the room he was approached by Chandi.
"How is he?" Chandi asked sounding slightly concerned.
"He'll live. How he'll live is beyond me but that young man has returned that old fire in these old bones again." Edouard said when Chandi started giggling.
"Now that's the old Dev I know. Thanks for your help, Edouard." Chandi said walking with Edouard towards the main portion of the mansion.
"No need for thanks Madam." Edouard responded with a light bow.
"It's the least you could do for that jerk ignoring me back there on the street! I'm going to make sure he enjoys his time here!" Chandi stated sounding furious.
"Hahaha, I'm sure you can think of some exciting things for the young man to enjoy and I look forward to helping you out Madam." Edouard said with a smile as he was laughing. "By the way, Madam might want to attend to his injuries – he is just a human after all." He said when Chandi stopped in her tracks as if she had forgotten that.
"T-Then I'll speak with you about his training later." Chandi said quickly turning and rushing down the hall.
"What was that noise earlier?" A guy's voice asked standing in front of Edouard – he appeared to be around Devadas's age and had short light brown hair, green eyes, and was wearing a black butler's uniform with the crest on the left sleeve.
"It was nothing. The one Madam has been waiting for has finally arrived, Lytton." Edouard said motioning him to follow him the opposite direction.
"That one has? By the way, have you seen Mireille? I was going to have her sample a new dessert I had created." Lytton asked looking over at Edouard as they walked towards the core of the mansion.
"I haven't seen her since this morning. I had thought the lass was working on something." Edouard said shrugging.
Meanwhile, Devadas was lying in his bed still passed out when he suddenly felt a soft but warm sensation on his left hand. Soon, his entire body was basked in warmth radiating from his left hand into his body. Slowly opening his eyes, he noticed the blurred figure of a woman sitting next to the bed holding his hand.
"That's more like the old Chandi I remember…" Devadas said in a dazed tone with a smile on his face.
"You shouldn't speak yet. You aren't fully healed just yet." A woman's voice said but it wasn't Chandi's voice.
"Huh?" Devadas asked confused when the blur started to fade and he could finally see the woman sitting next to his bed – she had long blond hair tied back in a ponytail, hazel eyes, and wore a black maid uniform with the crest on the dress.
"I'm sorry, did I wake you? Did you try to break into the mansion or something? You really shouldn't do that. Edouard is a really good fighter after all." The woman said scolding him when the door suddenly opened.
"Mireille? What are you doing here?" Chandi asked surprised to see her in the room.
"Ah, sorry, I felt bad about leaving the intruder injured like that so I thought I would help heal him up a little before the police arrived." Mireille said giggling nervously scratching the back of her head looking over at Chandi when there was suddenly an intense killing intent filling the room. "Um… should I have not healed the thief…?" She asked nervously with her voice shaking while meeting Chandi's intense glare.
"It's all right; I'll take it from here. There's a broken phone in my room that needs attending to." Chandi said sounding as if she was trying to suppress her anger.
"Ah! Really?! That new model?! I'll be right on it Madam!" Mireille shouted happily with her eyes lit up as she quickly dropped Devadas' hand and rushed out of the room.
"Now then, what was with holding my maid's hand just a little while ago?" Chandi asked with the full killing intent directed towards Devadas along with a sharp glare.
"A-ah, n-no, when I woke up she was already holding it." Devadas said sweating and completely terrified by the pressure he was feeling. "She truly is a demon! I've never felt something this intense even though I've been in worse situations!" He thought when suddenly the pressure just disappeared.


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