Can a Broken Heart Be Mended? {A Jacob Black Love Story} By Cici18roxursox and WritingFanatic

Kelsey has been through a lot; the loss of her parents in murder, her abusive vampire boyfriend (who she doesn't even know is a vampire). And things get even more complicated when her best friend for life, Jacob Black, admits he's a werewolf admist a world of vampires- some which are after her. Can Kelsey with hold this strong will? Or will it break her being?

Chapter 28

An Explanation of Sorts

It didn't take much searching to find Jacob.

He was sitting at the edge of the cliff, his legs dangling off the rock. He was staring at the cloudy sky- probably debating whether or not it was momentarily going to rain, as I was.

I stepped out of my vehicle and walked over to him. He didn't move a muscle when I sat down beside him- just continued staring at the sky.

"I got out of the hospital today," I said, as if that could fill the empty void of silence that enveloped my world.

Jacob didn't say a word.

"It's not what you think."

"How many times have we all heard that before?" Jake replied bitterly, his jaw clenching and unclenching.

"I know I don't deserve it- but please trust me," I pleaded quietly, and when Jacob looked at me to continue, I couldn't help but feel like a small portion of the weight had been taken off my shoulders.

"It was stupid- and wrong. I was so hurt... and I know it wasn't your fault that you liked Renesme... it was all just a big mess. When I was going upstate- it was me trying to get rid of it all; running away from my problems. When Embry grabbed me, I just wanted to get away. So I kissed him. I have no feelings for Embry- but I love you. It was all a huge misunderstanding, and I made the wrong decision. Jacob, if you want nothing to do with me, I definitely understand. I wouldn't blame you. I just wanted to come and apologize- and I can only hope that you believe what I say."

I stood up, and turned to walk away. Jacob's eyes drifted down from the sky, staring at the churning waves below.

Looking back, I realize that I could have been scared for Jacob's life- what if he decided to jump?


I froze in my spot, pivoting around to face Jacob. I was convinced it wouldn't happen, but I couldn't help but feel a little hope.

"I've already imprinted on you, Kelsey. I don`t think there's any going back at this point." His face bared a smal smile.

It was like my whole world was lit up again.

Jacob stood up and I ran to him, colliding with him in a warm embrace.

When I pulled away, Jacob looked at me in utter surprise and disbelief.

"Kelsey!" He exclaimed, and I regarded him with complete confusion.


"You... You're human! You're warm! You're...." Jacob shook his head, and I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh my god... unbelievable."

Jacob grinned.

~ ~ ~

A week later, Jake and I were sitting at the park.

Our park.

The park where so much started, and so much ended. The park I would forever remember, and would forever mean so much to me.

I swayed forwards and backwards on the swing, remembering everything that had happened in the memorable plce.

I had found out about my parents death on the very seat I was currently sitting on. And Jake was in the same very swing beside me.

The police cruiser pulled up besie the park, and two men stepped out of it.
"Wow," whispered a 13 year old Jacob, "I wonder what they're doing here?"
I shrugged. Probably some fight nearby or something.
Jacob's eyes, along with mine, widened when the men approached us. Jacob looked scared.
"They're probably just going to ask us if we witnessed anything, Jacob. Calm down," I reassured in en effort to get his heart back in regular beat.
"Excuse me," said one of the men./ "Are you Kelsey?"
Confused, I slowly nodded. "What is this about?" I asked boldly, and swung even higher in the air.
"We have some news to tell you, sweetie," he replied, his voice growing soft.
I cocked an eyebrow for him to continue, and he sighed.
"You're parent's were driving on the road- near the water. A drunk driver came from the opposite direction, and swerved to their lane as he passed. It knocked their car far..."
He trailed off, as I figured out the rest.
"Off of the cliff."
The Officer sombrely nodded, and Jacob sighed. "Kelsey..."


I came out of the memories to see Jacob regarding me with concern.

"I`m fine. I was just thinking."

Jacob nodded understandingly and smiled. "I have something to say."

"Alright." I replied, with confusion in my tone.

Jacob got down on one knee, and I gasped.

"Kelsey. I've known you for my whole life, and have loved you throughout everything. I can only hope that you can say that same for me. Will you marry me?"

He held out the most pristine ring I had ever seen.

"YES!" I exclaimed, jumping into his arms,

It wasn't much, but it was everything I had ever hoped for.

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