Can a Broken Heart Be Mended? {A Jacob Black Love Story} By Cici18roxursox and WritingFanatic

Kelsey has been through a lot; the loss of her parents in murder, her abusive vampire boyfriend (who she doesn't even know is a vampire). And things get even more complicated when her best friend for life, Jacob Black, admits he's a werewolf admist a world of vampires- some which are after her. Can Kelsey with hold this strong will? Or will it break her being?

Chapter 2

That's my Imprint.

Jacob's POV

I sighed. I watched Kelsey storm away, as I warned her for the millionth time that she should break up with Justin. Kelsey was my best friend and I didn't want her hurt. Besides the fact that he's a jerk, and all he wants is to get in her pants, I knew Justin was a bloodsucker and one day he'd bite her and my world would shatter. It was my duty, to kill bloodsuckers but I couldn't make Kelsey sad. That would ruin me. Why? Because I've imprinted on Kelsey. So yes that means I'm a werewolf.


"Jake! Are you alright?" Kelsey said leaning over me worriedly. I'd felt a sudden rush of heat, and I knew I was going to turn soon. "Yeah, I'm fine." I replied smiling slightly. "Good, because what would I do without my best friend?" She said beaming at me. I smiled. "I gotta go now okay, Kells?" "Okay Jake. Love you!" She said before giving me a hug. I hugged her back, then turned around and walked home. Instead of going straight ahead to my house I suddenly turned right, going to Sam & Emilys house. Another rush of heat. I hurried up to their front door and knocked on it. Emilys face peeked out and then she opened it wide "Hey Jake! What are you doing here?" Emily asked curiously. "Where's Sam?" I asked quickly. "Inside." She replied. I ran into the kitchen, knowing he'd be there. "Jake?" Sam asked furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. Then I turned into a wolf.

"Jake, welcome to the pack." Sam said smiling.
Hey Jake!
He's part of the pack now!
Oh god no!
I heard voices say in my head. I spotted out Embry, Paul, Quil and a sulking Leah. I just stood there frozen, everything was different. Well besides the fact that I have a tail, paws, and a muzzle. Then I randomly turned back into a human. "Weird." Was all I could say. "You'll get used to it." Sam said sitting back down. "Let's teach you the one thing I haven't told you before." "And what's that?" I asked. "Imprinting." Sam answered. Imprinting? I thought. I wonder what it is. "Imprinting is when you find your perfect other half. As soon as you see her its like you'll be suspended in air and all that's holding you up is her. You'll do ANYTHING for her, just to make her happy." Sam stated. "Got it." I mumbled. "Oh, and if you find your imprint you'll have to tell her that you're a werewolf at some point." That shocked me, I thought it was supposed to be a secret. But whatever, Sam's the leader. I then said bye to Emily and Sam and left their house. I made my way over to my house.

As I went into my house I heard talking. "Are you sure he's alright?" I heard Kelsey question my Dad, Billy. "Yes, he's fine. You don't have to worry. When he's back I'll tell him to call you okay?" I heard my Dad reassure her. "Okay, thank's Mr.Black!" Kelsey replied. I heard a chair slide across the floor and footsteps coming closer to me. I took a step forward and collided with Kelsey. I caught and steadied her, but then looked at her face. It was as if i was seeing an angel. Her blonde hair had turned golden and it made her slightly tanned skin, gleam. Her hazel eyes turned bright and beautiful when she saw me. Her smile was 1 000 000 diamonds raining on me. Kelsey was my Imprint.

Flashback Over

Since that day Kelsey just got more and more beautiful. Everytime I saw her it was like that day. Except now she had a boyfriend. It hurt me, yes. But she was happy and that's all that counts. I then got caught of guard as a feeling came over me. Help! It was Kelsey. I sprinted out the door and transformed into a wolf, catching her scent and running towards it. As I got closer to where she was located I could smell the bloodsucker. He was drunk. Oh crap...

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